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Top 10 Eco Friendly & Green Fashion Brands: Sustainable Style is In

Updated on May 8, 2013


PERI is an exceptional eco friendly fashion brand. The dress pictured here is the Coachella Butterfly dress, made entirely of reclaimed silk and made in a solar-powered dye house.

Clothes are made exclusively from organic cotton, reclaimed silk, and tencel fabric. The Garment District in LA is used to find unique deadstock and vintage fabrics.

Tencel fabric is softer than cotton and is made sustainably from the cellulose fibers of sustainable tree farms. Dresses from PERI start at just $48. Learn more PERI in this interview.


American Apparel

American Apparel has an organic cotton clothing line with dresses, t-shirts and underwear for women, men, kids, and baby. Organic water-based inks are used to dye the clothes various colors.

The clothes are all sewn in Los Angeles, eliminating the carbon footprint from overseas shipping. Organic doesn't need to be expensive, either. The Galaxy dress pictured here is just $39.




Venley uses water-based inks and vertically integrated manufacturing to make affordable, eco-friendly fashion.

Made in downtown LA, all employees have great working conditions and benefits. The clothes are well made by people who like where they work.

Vertically integrated manufacturing helps to lower costs, which means that you can buy tops, blouses, crewnecks and more starting at $24.99 each.



I love clubfife because they design underwear cute enough to make us second-guess that it is eco-friendly. They make thong underwear, boy short panties, bikini panties, bandeaus, camisoles, and yoga pants.

Their thong panties are the most comfortable thongs I've ever worn, with a cotton lining. They are made from breathable, environmentally friendly modal which is even softer than cotton. Modal will always retain its shape, so this eliminates the need for spandex and gets rid of panty lines!


Zkano Organic Cotton Socks

Zkano makes athletic socks and fashion socks for both women and men. My favorites are the cable knit knee high socks and over the knee socks. Zkano also makes really cute striped socks, too. The socks are handmade in the USA in Alabama, creating jobs for hundreds of employees.

Zkano socks are certified organic cotton, made from natural fibers without bleach, and use low-impact dyes which are better for the environment. You can get a pair of these organic eco-friendly socks starting at just $14.00.


Keep Shoes

Keep shoes are made with organic, natural and eco-friendly materials as often as possible. Keep products are also cruelty-free and vegan. We love the tweed hi-top designs in addition to the other shoe types they carry.

It is difficult to find shoes that are not made in sweatshops, especially sneakers. Keep shoes are manufactured in facilities that have enforced ethical standards. According to their website, a Keep representative is in the facility at all times to ensure that workers are treated well.

If you want stylish sneakers but are also looking for vegan shoes that meet cruelty-free requirements, check out Keep shoes.



Olsenhaus makes eco-friendly shoes from sustainable materials like cork and organic cotton. According to their website, they promote consciousness and awareness over cruelty and greed. This woman-owned company ensures the ethical treatment of their workers and produces vegan, cruelty-free fashion shoes.

Olsenhaus also makes shoe fabric from recycled TVs. Polyester microfiber is spun from old-fashioned television screens. This amazing and innovative company makes beautiful women's shoes and is leading other shoe companies by example.



Maptotes are handmade in Brooklyn, New York into 100% organic cotton totebags. With 61 different locales (including planet earth), there is a Maptote for cities and states within the U.S., plus totebags for international cities like London and Hong Kong.

In addition to making cute organic totebags by city and state, Maptote also makes wine tote bags, bandanas, kitchen towels, makeup bags, and pencil pouches.



REUSE denim is made from recycled jeans from waste in the denim textile industry in China. China's landfills are overflowing with waste from the textile industry, and ethical manufacturing policies are enforced to protect workers. The jeans are made from 80% recycled denim. You can get a pair of color skinny jeans starting at $95.


lur apparel

lur apparel makes leggings out of eco-friendly reparel fabric. Reparel fabric consists of 55% post-consumer colored cotton fabric and 45% post-consumer polyester, recycled from plastic bottles. Starting at $38, these are some of the most affordable eco-friendly leggings around.

Want more?

If you are looking for more places to shop for ethical, eco-friendly fashion brands, please take a look at the following online stores:

Where do you shop?

If you have some other shopping sites or online resources for finding eco-friendly comments, please share in the comments below. I would love to hear back from you and share your posts with the community!


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    • profile image

      Ayesha 4 years ago

      Appreciate your efforts in getting this list together.

      Thank you

    • FullOfLoveSites profile image

      FullOfLoveSites 4 years ago from United States

      I really enjoyed reading your hub. I haven't heard any of those brands before; reading the profile of each is really delightful -- in terms of not only the materials but also the way they're made. The clothes are gorgeous too, and the shoes! I didn't imagine them being organic or recycled, which is really amazing. Thanks for posting!

    • madeinla profile image

      Jolan 4 years ago from West Coast

      Hi Claudia, I'm glad you enjoyed this list. Many of the independent designers are getting into this more frequently; it has been a journey finding them!

    • Claudia Tello profile image

      Claudia Tello 4 years ago from Mexico

      I am not acquainted with any of the brands you have mentioned here but I am glad to know there are some eco-friendly brands out there from which to buy. Hope they serve as a role model for many other. Those lur apparel legging look gorgeous and very high quality by the way.