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10 Flowering Houses that Make Me Long for Spring

Updated on December 10, 2010

Inspiring Flower Homes!

I am enjoying the change of weather. It's getting cooler out but it's not too cold. It's beautiful. However I'm also already starting to get that itch that makes me wish that spring would get here again. Spring to me is waterfalls and flowers. It's freshness and revitalization. So in the spirit of spring, I've been browsing through the Internet looking at homes around the world that are filled with flowers. They are based on flower designs or have yards or rooftop gardens that overflow with flowers. Would I want to live in one of these places. Nah, I'm happy where I am but it's so neat to look at all of these different flower homes and get inspiration from them. I hope you enjoy doing that here too!

1. Amsterdam Flowery Yard

This photo comes from a set of photos that were taken by an Amsterdam visitor. I love this flowery yard combined with the terrific house that sits there amidst the flowers. The whole thing - from the charming little home to the bright bold colors of the flowers - looks like it comes straight out of a fairy tale. It's pretty in a neat and colorful way, as though a diligent child carefully drew a magical flower house just for all of us to enjoy. I wonder what it's like to live in this place and to start each day with a yard like that one!

2. Eco-Friendly Orchid House

This stunning house is a completely eco-friendly home with a design that is based on that of a bee orchid which can be found on the property where the home was built. I think that this type of flower house is the best type that there is because it takes the beautiful, natural, organic design of a flower and turns it into something that is completely different from what it originally was (in this case it's turned into a modern home). I think that's a terrific approach to design and it results in a beautiful creation. The house is designed to use geothermal heating as well as an underground pump to make a place that is actually able to produce more energy than it uses. Cool place!

3. Brazilian Leaf House

The Brazilian Leaf House is one of the neatest houses I've seen which is a home based on the design of a flower or plant. The eco-friendly roof on this home is designed to look like a banana leaf and to collect rainwater for re-use on the property. The interior of the home is laid out with an open-air design. It definitely seems like the kind of home that would be ideal to rent if you were visiting Rio de Janeiro and wanted to spend your time in a terrific beautiful setting.

4. Australian Leaf House

Leaves of flowers make a better item for the design of a home than the flower itself if only because the shape is more conducive to lending itself to the shape of a home. Another popular home that is based off of a local leaf is this home in Australia which is designed to look completely like the natural world that surrounds it. The roof is made up of multiple "leaves". Underneath you'll see columns that resemble the wild stems of flowers (or roots of trees depending on how you look at them) and three-dimensional curved glass that enhances the flowery look of the entire building. What a terrific modern home design!

5. House Made From Flowers

So far we've looked at a lot of homes that are made from various materials but based on the design of the flower. This is an example of the opposite approach to making a flower home - the design is based on a traditional house but the whole thing is made entirely of flowers. Of course, this one is just a picture on the ground. There have been other houses made that were larger and more three-dimensional than this one. However I think this is a great example of how flowers can be used to create a cozy-looking home that you'd love to live in even if you know that doing so would be impossible.

6. Rooftop Garden

I love the fact that there are some apartments and homes where people are making their own little rooftop gardens. I think that the view from above the home must be so much nicer when there are plants and flowers growing on top of the roof. I also think it's a great way to garden when you don't have a big yard or you have a yard that doesn't get enough sunshine. This example is just one example of what a rooftop garden might look like. I'd love to come across one that's completely overflowing with flowers but I haven't seen that yet. Still I'm sure it must exist somewhere!

7. Small Office Garden

I love everything about this little home office garden. It's an enclosed room but it isn't. It's a space for a private individual to work but you still get to be at home with your family while working. It's out there in nature and it seems to also be shaped like a flower. Great design, great functionality, overall just a great space. There are many other examples of home office gardens out there but this one is the one that really caught my attention and made me think that this could definitely be an improvement to any work-at-home situation.

8. The MoonRoom

This is another great example of a work-at-home office that flowers into something beautiful. This one is a shed that has been turned into a home office that can be built into the yard where your home is located. It has a rooftop garden of its own which makes it eco-friendly as well as just plain interesting to look at. I love this combination of different design techniques and definitely think it's a part of the home that could inspire me to do better work!

9. Floral Wallpaper

If you can't have a home shaped like a flower and you can't have a home filled with flowers and you can't have a home that's actually made of flowers then at least you can decorate the house with floral images. There are a lot of great options out there for floral wallpaper. I happen to prefer this one which is designed to look like there are a couple of very realistic (but huge) flowers on the wall. What a terrific design! Of course you could choose any floral wallpaper that struck your fancy.

10. Abandoned House Covered in Flowers

The reason that this house stands out as interesting is because it is not only covered with beautiful flowers but it is a house which has been abandoned. You can see the home itself falling apart and yet something beautiful is growing out of the decay. This is a wonderful picture of the whole story of spring - some things die and other things grow and the whole cycle starts over again. What a pretty building!


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  • myhomebusiness profile image


    9 years ago from Wells, NV

    Your hub makes me long for spring too, especially since it won't be around for awhile.

    It is a wonder to see how creative and artistic that man can be. Thank you for sharing.

  • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

    DeBorrah K Ogans 

    9 years ago

    Kathryn Vercillo, Creative hub with a great variety of flower resources! Thank you for sharing, Blessings!

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Good article, and for this time of year when in the midwest all of the leaves have fallen. The roof top gardens are great for New York or the large urban cities, even Chicago!


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