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10 Great Examples of Bold Yellow Furniture

Updated on October 30, 2012

I have a round purple sofa in my living room. Many people say that this is a bold design choice. Indeed, it's a bolder color and shape than what the average person has in his or her home. But considering that I get most of my design inspiration from blogs and design magazines, it seems rather tame compared to the amazing pieces of furniture that some people choose to have in their homes. Purple is a rich color but to me it's one that's easy to decorate around. Yellow, on the other hand, is a tough one for me. Yellow is a bright, rich, bold color that I think can go so wrong on furniture if you don't do it right. That's why I am always so impressed by yellow furniture that really works. I wanted to share some of the best yellow furniture items that I've seen around the web. Do you think that you could make any of these items work in your home?

1. Opulent Breta Furniture

This is the piece of furniture that actually inspired me to want to create this yellow furniture article. It is a terrific bold yellow desk chair embellished with Swarovski crystals. Breta is the maker of this piece and they have created several similar items in the same vein - a bench, a sofa and a footstool. These items were highlighted in a recent post by Trendir, one of my favorite design blogs. I actually really like the footstool as well but I chose to highlight the desk chair because not everyone keeps a footstool in their homes but most of us do own a desk chair. I can see this chair sitting behind a really strong old-fashion dark wooden desk and brightening it up in a great contemporary manner. However I can also see it behind a colorful desk in an art studio, giving the room an additional funky flair. How would you use this bold yellow desk chair in your home?

2. Artistic Yellow Sofa

I am sad to say that I am unable to find the source of this photo so I don't know who the maker of this cool yellow sofa is. If you have any idea, please tell me so I can not only credit them but also just to know for my own curiosity! Despite not having a source for the image, I really wanted to include this in the article because it's such a cool piece of furniture. I actually think it would be hard to make this work in most homes. It's simply too bold for most people to enjoy every day. However, I think it would work great as seating in a cool contemporary business like a hair salon or even a cool cafe. What do you think?

3. Simple, Bold Yellow Cabinet

My eye is most drawn to the modern yellow furniture that has cool creative designs. However I think that for most people who are going to put a piece of bold yellow furniture in their home the best choice is to go with a really simple and streamlined design. I think that this cabinet (source: Luxe Studio) is a great example of that type of furniture. The color makes it bold and noticeable but the cabinet itself is simple enough that the design fits into nearly any space. I also like the choice here to decorate with mostly neutral colors so that the yellow pops.

Designed by Micro Zanini
Designed by Micro Zanini

4. Bright Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

These cabinets work for the same reason that a simple cabinet works in the living room (as seen above) or in any other room for that matter. The design of the cabinet is simple, allowing the bold color to stand on its own. I do think that in most rooms this much yellow would be too bright for many people. However, I don't think that's true in a kitchen. I love a bright, yellow, sunny kitchen. The kitchen is a place where you want light and the boldness of bright yellow enhances that for me. Do you agree or is this much yellow too much for you even in a kitchen?

5. Fun Yellow Headboard

In general I think that bold yellow coloring is a bit of a stretch for an adult's bedroom. The bedroom should be a relaxing space that is conducive to sleep and I don't think that the vibrancy of bright yellow is in line with that. However, I do think that a little pop of yellow here and there can work for some people. Personally I would do this with pillows since they can easily be removed if you don't like the yellow but I do have to admit that I really love this gorgeous yellow headboard that I saw featured on DecorPad.

6. Wow - a Yellow Sink!

I typically wouldn't think of a yellow sink being appealing to the eye. The only yellow sinks that I've seen in person were in 1950s homes and the yellow was not a bright and bold color but instead that light yellow that was popular during that era. Although there's a lot I love about the retro looks from that time, yellows sinks would not be one of those things. However, when I came across this yellow sink (featured by BizBash in a 2008 article about new home décor trends) I knew that I had to bookmark it. How modern and unique!!

7. Lovely Yellow Nesting Tables

Twolia did a post on yellow furniture and the item that really captured my fascination was the set of bright yellow nesting tables featured in the bottom left corner of the photo shown here. I love nesting tables. These are great because of the unusual color choice as well as the unusual triangular shape of the tables. Love them! The Twolia post says that they are from Council but I haven't yet been able to locate any additional information on them. Share if you know where to find them!

8. Amazing Yellow Chaise

One of my favorite pieces of furniture in the world is the chaise lounge chair. (I also like its cousin the fainting couch.) Often you see the chaise in a retro fashion but I really also love modern chaise lounge chair designs that fit into contemporary homes. So naturally I was impressed to find this cool yellow chaise that would look great in a living room designed in the way this one is. The image is from photographer Chris Everard who takes still life photos of furniture. What a cool job!

9. Bla Station Modular Furniture

I am also a big fan of modular furniture, furniture that can be changed around into different shapes and designs. I think that this is great for the twenty first century home where you may need a multitude of different design options for an affordable price. Bla Station has created some great modular furniture in the bold yellow color. You can put several of these pieces together to create a short or long sofa or you can keep them separate to make individual chairs (with or without backs, with or without arms). What a great modern choice for yellow home furniture!

10. Optical Round Coffee Table

I'm infatuated with this cool coffee table shape. To be honest, I'd probably get it in a different color myself since I haven't designed my home in a way that really supports yellow in the living room. But I wouldn't hesitate to choose this great yellow table if my home were designed differently and could work with it. The design is by Yoann Henry Yvon. It's called Reverence and it's made with a single panel of material! Learn more at DigsDigs.


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  • Eiddwen profile image


    7 years ago from Wales

    I do not have any yellow coloured items of furniture but after reading and looking at the pictures in this hub they can look very classy.

    Thank you for sharing

    Take care



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