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7 Great Examples of Sunburst Mirrors in the Home

Updated on February 20, 2011

If you have ever walked into a room that had a sunburst shaped mirror hanging on it then you probably haven’t forgotten it. The sunburst mirror is a powerful shape that really makes a statement in any room. If you want to do something sunny, bright and fun to enhance your own living space then adding this type of mirror to one of your rooms can be a great way to go.

There are many different types of sunburst mirrors and each has their own aesthetic appeal. Typically the sunburst mirror is a round circle surrounded by “rays” of sunshine. Those rays may all be the same length or they may be of varying lengths. They may be thick or thin or a combination thereof. In some instances, there are additional round mirror added on to the rays themselves.

The materials for sunburst mirrors vary a lot as well. Many people elect to get copper sunburst mirrors or mirrors in other metals. However nearly any type of material might be used to create the sun rays around the mirror. This gives you a lot of options in terms of selecting the sunburst mirror that is right for you home.

Whatever design choice you make will reflect your own sense of style. It may also reflect a certain era of design, like a retro look or a highly modern look. How you decorate around the mirror will further enhance the style that you select. You may choose to stick with very simple décor so that the sunburst mirror remains the sole focus of the space. Alternatively, you may want to play off of the sunshine theme or the stripes created by the rays of the sun to create a bolder design in the room.

A standard style of sunburst mirror
A standard style of sunburst mirror | Source

1. Standard Golden Sunburst Mirror

One of the most common examples of the sunburst mirror is a small round mirror with long rays protruding out from them. These rays are often a copper or gold plated metal designed to hint at the golden sunshine that typically emerges from the sun. In this case, the rays are thin and very slightly in size. It's a design style that is common. Variations on this same design would include a similar style with a larger mirror, thicker rays or rays of more dramatic size difference. If you're just getting started looking at sunburst mirrors then you'll want to consider whether this standard style is right for you. Notably the orange paint on the wall behind the mirror really plays off of the sunshine style of the decor.

2. Elongated Rays

Here is an example of a sunburst mirror with dramatic elongated rays. The mirror itself is tiny, showing how this type of mirror is more about style than function. This one has several layers of rays in different lengths, creating a more three dimensional effect that can be terrific when using the sunburst mirror as a type of wall art. You'll note that once again an orange color was chosen for the paint behind this mirror, a top choice because it complements the color of the materials used to make the mirror and goes along with the sunny theme of the décor. However, you could place this mirror against a white or black background and really change the effect in the room.


3. Abstract Sunburst Mirror

This design isn't actually a sunburst mirror; it's wall art. However, if you replaced the sun's face with a mirror then this would be a terrific example of an abstract sunburst mirror. The thin curvy rays create the abstract feeling. The beads embellishing the rays add extra funkiness that would be fun in certain styles of homes. I would love to try out a sunburst mirror like this in my own space. Would it work in yours?


4. Chic Abstract Sunburst Mirror

This is an example of how you could take the idea of an abstract sunburst mirror and tone it done a little bit to create a more elegant look that would work in more refined homes. The black and white color choice here, along with the fact that the rays are curvy but not excessively winding, really makes this a chic piece. Picture it in a modern black and white room with a great chandelier in the center of the space.


5. Modern Wooden Sunburst Mirror

If you are buying a sunburst mirror from a contemporary home décor space today then you might find one that looks a lot like this. It takes the standard sunburst mirror and changes it around in a few minor ways. Additional mirrors are added on to the rays to make the mirror slightly more functional and certainly eyecatching. Instead of metal, the mirror's frame is made from wood, which matches well with many people's interior design choices. I like the bubble effect of this design and think it provides a playful alternative to the standard sunburst shape.


6. Black and White Floral Sunburst Mirror

Here's an example of a great modern choice for a sunburst mirror. It's primarily white with a bit of black in the center, a play off of the typical look of these mirrors. This makes it work well in many color schemes. I also like the way that the layered no-space rays create a design that looks as floral as it does sun-like. Very powerful design choice!


7. Rustic Sunburst Mirror

This is a DIY sunburst mirror that someone made to mimic another more formal design that they had seen. It is created by gluing together strips of wood. I think that the effect is a lovely rustic effect. It would be a great mirror to add to a country home! It's also a great creative project for people who want their homes to reflect their own handiwork. You could certainly get creative in putting together your own sunburst mirror designs, especially if you know woodwork, glasswork or metalwork!


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    Samy 3 years ago

    The mirror aeivrrd in excellent condition, except the mirror was not exactly as depicted in the photo. The photo indicated a brilliant gold finish. The actual finish was a dull gold/musty finish, not at all as indicated in the photo. The center mirror was just a cut out circle mirror with no finish on the edges very cheap looking. I did not return it as the cost of return shipping was over 50% of the item cost. Since this was free shipping (and they had to pay for shipping) the actual price was about $23.Sorry, but I did not like the mirror.

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    A wonderful job. Super helpful innrimatoof.

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