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10 Low-Cost Safety Tips for a Burglar-Proof Home

Updated on March 23, 2014

George Carlin once said that a house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out to get more stuff. Whether you agree or not, you should always keep your home safe from burglars who are always on the prowl for their next big hit.

Surprisingly there are a lot of people who are not making that extra effort when it comes to protecting their homes and all the stuff in it. The problem is they think they need to spend a fortune on high-tech gadgetries. What they do not realize is there are also some precautions they can do without having to spend a single cent.

Think like a burglar. Strange as it may sound but that is one effective way to begin the whole process of making your home burglar-proof. You know what they say: it takes one to know one.


Tip #1: Install an alarm.

Your alarm should have both a visual and audible way of warning you in case of a forced entry. A good rule of thumb when choosing one is to buy the best brand that you can afford. The most reliable alarms often cost more, but will always be a very good investment.

Tip #2: Always leave a light on.

A would-be burglar might think there's someone home (even if there's none) if they see a light turned on. Consider installing an external sensor light; this turns on automatically when it detects movements.


Tip #3: Get a CCTV system.

You can go Big Brother and get two benefits out of it. One is it can serve as a deterrent as a burglar will think twice before entering and second, in case of a break in, you will have that very useful video evidence to pin down the culprit. It beats simply accusing one of burglary.

Tip #4: Keep a safe!

Keep your most valuable stuff inside a safe for better peace of mind. Choose a very heavy one so nobody can just pick it up and run away with it (makes sense, right?). Also get a fire-proof one.


Tip #5: Use a mailbox.

A mailbox is a better option instead of a mail slot on your door. Why? A slot can go against the wood grain and this affects the structural integrity of the door. In simpler terms, it makes it easier for someone to kick on it and break it down.

Tip #6: Make sure your street number is visible.

This is for the worst case scenario when you have to call the police. A clear and visible street or house number will help the police to quickly find your place.

Tip #7: Clear your paper bills.

Some burglars check on the paper bills and flyers that are left half-inserted in the door slits. If those pieces of paper are still there for days, then a burglar knows there's nobody home.


Tip #8: Be friends with your neighbors.

So that when you go on a vacation you can request them to look after your house. Leave them your contact number or where you will be staying so they can quickly reach you in case there is an emergency.

#9: Keep a well-maintained garden and fence.

Your fence should not be too high and your shrubberies too thick as to make great hiding places for burglars. It is also a good idea to plant a thorny bush right under your first-floor window to prevent anyone from getting in.

Quick Summary

Install an alarm.
Make your street number visible.
Leave a light on.
Clear your paper bills.
Get a CCTV system.
Be friends with neighbours.
Have a safe.
Keep a clean garden & fence.
Use a mailbox.
Secure doors and windows.

Tip #10 Make sure your doors and windows are secured.

Before going to bed go around the house and check all the doors and windows to see if these are locked. Use a restricted key system as it is not easy to duplicate without going through the proper authority. Also ensure that your doors are of solid construction.

In case someone outside your circle of family or friends asks to use the bathroom, once he's away check if the bathroom window is locked. He may have unlocked it so he can easily enter your home later that evening.

Bottomline is:

If you put your mind into it, having a burglar-proof house is really easy. You just need to know the wisest ways to do it. Spend a day thinking like a burglar and you will know what else there is to be done to keep your home safe.


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