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5 Great Ways To Use A Blender

Updated on September 5, 2014
A quick and healthy breakfast alternative
A quick and healthy breakfast alternative

Using Your Blender

A blender can be a great tool in the kitchen. Blenders can be used for all sorts of things such as mincing up meat, preparing vegetables purees, preparing smoothies and iced drinks as well as mashing up any fruit of vegetables.

5 ways You Can Use Your Blender

Here is a quick guide on 5 great ways you can use your blender as an every day appliance in the kitchen.

Preparing A Quick & Healthy Breakfast

1. Preparing a quick & healthy breakfast:

Save time in the morning by making an instant breakfast to have on the go instead of having to find the time to eat in the morning rush. Try combining your favourite breakfast fruit ingredients, milk and some oats or muesli in a blender and blend for 30 seconds. Let it sit, then blend it up again for another 15-30 seconds. Once the matter has blended up, serve into a cup if you're planning to drink it then and there, or pour into a small bottle to have on the go.

Preparing delicious smoothies

2. Blending fruits and vegetables into great tasting smoothies:

Blending bananas and other fruits such as mangoes, kiwi fruit, strawberries and another other fruits which contain fruit juice can allow for a great smoothie or fruit drink. Mix with a bit of water, sugar or milk and you can have yourself a refreshing drink in no time.

Preparing delicious cocktail drinks

3. Blending cocktails and mixed alcoholic drinks:

Pouring each cocktail ingredient into a fancy glass and stirring may give you a cocktail, but it will probably lead you to having a cocktail you probably wont enjoy. If you've got a few friends over, why not mix some ice with your favourite cocktail ingredients in a blender and blend away. Not only will you end up saving time and effort from pouring and shaking up everyone's cocktail drink, you'll also end up having the drinks mixed the way you want them to be so everyone can enjoy!

Preparing milkshakes or thickshakes

4. Blending up milkshakes and thickshakes:

A blender can save you time and stress by blending up quick ingredients of milk, ice cream and fruits or flavours. You can now enjoy the froth as well each time you treat yourself or a friend to a refreshing and cafe style milkshake or thickshake. Simple add your ingredients and blend away. When blending, turn off the blender and give the ingredients a chance to rest then blend up the remaining ingredients again to ensure all fruits and ingredients are blended in together nicely.

It's even more easy to mix a cocktail drink with a blender
It's even more easy to mix a cocktail drink with a blender

Blending fruit purees

5. Blending vegetable or fruit pastes for your baby

Have you ever had the problem where your child or baby doesn't want to eat the fresh, healthy and sometimes awful tasting fruit and vegetables? The solution isn't to go and give them something else to eat. Try blending up the fruit and vegetable ingredients to form a paste that your child can eat with their meal. By mixing up the vegetables and giving them small ingredients with each portion, they'll be more likely to eat the asparagus or beans with their meal. Try serving the vegetable paste so that it's mixed inside one of their favourite meals that you know they'll love.

Fresh or frozen fruits and berries make for a great smoothie or thickshake
Fresh or frozen fruits and berries make for a great smoothie or thickshake

Natural Ingredients For Real Flavour

So the next time you're tempted to go out and buy a thickshake or smoothie from the corner store, why not consider buying a blender to save you time and money while also perfecting your own fresh and healthy recipes.

If you've got any other great ideas or useful ideas, please share them. Blenders make a great house hold appliance and can make every day living a lot easier and save you both time and money.

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