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10 Reasons to Choose an Adjustable Bed Base

Updated on September 21, 2012

Elevate the standard for 'family time.'

Adjustable beds are the new generation mattresses that deserve attentive consideration, whether you have a medical condition or not. Adjustable bed frames deliver a range of benefits including great sleep, a healthier lifestyle, and addition of a luxurious day or nighttime escape in your own bedroom. The Editors of the Adjustabeds News Blog have compiled this list of Top 10 Reasons to Buy an Adjustable Bed based on feedback received from years of customer service, sleep research, and medical professional opinion:

  1. Get The Right Amount Of Sleep: The adjustable bed is a great investment. It provides comfort and recommended sleeping hours in a day. With the bed able to adjust to the body, it will help put you to sleep and dream away.
  2. Eliminate Snoring: Sleeping on your back allows for snoring to occur. With the adjustable bed inclined to support your spine and your respiratory system, no more worries of snoring. You do not disturb your sleeping partner as well.
  3. Prevent Sleep Apnea: As snoring is eradicated, you also inhibit sleep apnea to happen. This sleep disorder usually follows after a person has been snoring for a long time.
  4. Lessen Chances Of Heart Problems: Sleep apnea affects the heart and can easily strain the cardiovascular system. With proper sleep time and hours, no more concerns for contracting heart disorders associated from interrupted sleep. Adjustable beds are made to help in sleeping right but also in illnesses that results from the lack of it.
  5. No More Back Pains: As the body is able to achieve zero gravity position, the spine is at rest while you sleep. Back pains are not anymore felt after sleeping in the best pose there is with the adjustable bed under you.
  6. Other Health Conditions Are Avoided: Other health-related circumstances that are caused by not sleeping appropriately are evaded. Among these are acid reflux, asthma and other conditions that are triggered from not getting enough sleep. Not to mention, the capability to cope with stress when rest is not sufficient.
  7. Feel Refreshed Every Day After Waking Up: When you are able to attain that much needed sleep, you can look forward to that rejuvenated feeling the next day. With that sense of renewal, you can take on anything that the day may have prepared for you.
  8. Free Massage Therapy At Home: Adjustable beds are also able to provide massage therapies right at your bed. You even sleep while the massage session is ongoing as the bed can automatically shut off the massage feature.
  9. Have More Fun In The Comfortable Bed: As the adjustable bed can be luxurious, and then bask in its glory by using it more for your convenience. Watch your favorite movie, TV show on the bed or simply relax and read some inspiring magazine or book.
  10. Do Work From Your Adjustable Bed: If you cannot get enough of the bed, then why not do some work on it? Paying bills online can be less stressful when the coziness of the adjustable bed relieves the tension that comes with the activity.

Comparing Adjustable Bases to Non-Motorized Bed Frames

Due to the advancement in technology today, consumers are given the option on what type of bed they want to sleep in. Before, the adjustable bed frames can only be seen in the hospitals but today, you can have one at home too. People can choose to have ordinary bed frames or adjustable bed frames at home. Before choosing, it is important to know the pros and cons of each type of bed. Keep in mind that your choice of bed will directly affect the quality of your sleep and comfort so you must think about your choices wisely.

Ordinary Bed Frames

Ordinary bed frames are the typical bed frames you see at home. Often, ordinary bed frames are picked out due to their style and design. Those who buy ordinary bed frames make sure that the design and style of the bed frame complements the interior décor of the room. Ordinary bed frames are made from different materials like wood or polished metals. Ordinary bed frames can also be customized to the customer’s needs and preferences. They can choose the color and design. Usually, these ordinary bed frames come with headboards and footboards but some people would like to do away with the footboards. Ordinary bed frames can really add to the aesthetics of the room and keep the mattress of the floor.

Adjustable Bed Frames

Adjustable bed frames are the beds you see in hospitals where patients can adjust the head and foot elevation by simply turning a level or using a remote control to do it. Before, people would think that an adjustable bed is only suited for the sick people but today, its uses have proven to be beneficial for everyone. Adjustable bed frames are more expensive due to the technology it uses. There are adjustable bed frames that come with wireless remote controls so you do not have to stand up and adjust the bed manually. Adjustable bed frames can also come with massage functions to promote relaxation.

Comparing Ordinary Bed Frame And Adjustable Bed Frame

Although adjustable bed frames do not offer much customization and decorative appeal to a room, there are far better benefits to be looked upon. Adjustable bed frames are perfect for people who suffer from sleeping problems, snoring, asthma, back pain and arthritis. The main difference between these two beds is the ability of the adjustable bed frame to position the mattress at a certain angle so that the body does not lie flat. Lying flat leads to several health complications and these can be avoided by simply elevating the position of the head and feet while sleeping.

You should know that a flat mattress does not support the natural curvature of the body. This is why the body can experience pain and discomfort when waking up. There is 85% reduced skeletal pressure when sleeping on an adjustable bed frame. Having an adjustable bed frame will make the body feel more comfortable, relaxed and will improve the quality of sleep. Overall, the adjustable bed frames helps in the promotion of better health and well-being. It may be more expensive than the ordinary bed frames out there, but it will be an excellent investment for your health.

For additional things to consider, readers are invited to visit this article titled Sleep Well Tonight, Live Better Tomorrow.

Adjustable Bed Bases and Frames: Improving Health, Enhancing Leisure Time

Adjustable bed bases are simply something that you must own. Consider it as an investment to a healthy you as the price may seem to be costlier than the usual flat beds. But when you think about the health conditions that are avoided with an adjustable bed, then it will be worth it. And with the lush features, you cannot resist getting this bed.

The Prodigy, an Adjustable by Leggett and Platt

What is Your Favorite Thing About Owning an Adjustable Bed Frame?

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