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10+ Tips For Year Round Home Maitenance

Updated on June 27, 2017

Welcome to the Life of Home Ownership

Buying a home is becoming sort of a niche thing with today's generation of young adults. With rising costs and falling wages, home ownership just isn't a reachable goal for most of us. But, for those older and lucky, home ownership is an impressive status symbol that friends and family swoon over.

But once you've got the house, how much responsibility is left after that? Besides the financial burden, Home ownership is a slew of responsibility. What I'm talking about is maintenance. Home maintenance is one of THE most important aspects of ownership, but often the most neglected. This results in a loss of huge money, and not to mention just a dirt and broken home.

Monthly Maitenance

As we all know, a successful life involves a lot of lists. Our brain can't remember everything, and even when it can our brains have the ability to rationalize "doing it later". Lists help us stay on track.

Now, here is a list of things you should be checking on every month in your home:

  • HVAC filters -These should be changed frequently, but if you don't own pets or have allergies, you should be okay for a while.
  • Kitchen Sink/ Disposal - These smell awful when they get clogged. Get some hot water and vinegar and clean it out.
  • Oven range hood filters - Ha, If you never thought about cleaning these before your in for a really pleasant surprise. Luckily they are easy to clean. Hot water is your friend.
  • Fire extinguishers - Self-explanatory, if you don't know how to use it, learn. Also, check the pin and pressure gauge.


Moving down the list, let's get into the stuff you should be checking 4 times a year.

  • Smoke alarms/Carbon dioxide detectors - again, this is something you definitely should be doing quarterly, if not more. It's better to spend the money to have them, instead of suffering the consequences after.
  • Garage door auto-reverse - Required in every garage since the 90's. Put a board under it and let it reverse back up upon contact. If it doesn't, get someone to take a look at it.
  • Remove stagnant water - We all have that bathroom that is hardly used. Make sure you give it a flush to keep any buildups from occurring.
  • Water softener - Just check your salt levels. Takes 3 seconds.


This is the big stuff that's typically a pain in the ass to do but needs to be done. It's all fairly self-explanatory. If your not sure how to do it, Google is always willing to help you.

  • Check exterior drainage
  • Clean out gutters
  • Do an exterior walk around
  • Make sure your air conditioning works
  • Check window screens
  • Clear dead stuff from your property
  • Inspect roof
  • Clean garage
  • Winterize
  • Make sure heating works
  • Clean shower heads
  • Deep clean the basement

This List Is Long, But Take Care Of Your Investment

Remember to keep in mind that list is not meant to be completed in a day, week or month. It's meant to be spread out all year long. When you think about how many weekends you have, It'll be easy to get it done. After all, you're the one who bought it, so look after it.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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