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10 Tips for Creating a Modern Landscaping Design

Updated on June 12, 2014

When it comes to home design, one of the greatest things is that we can create an atmosphere that totally reflects our personality. Whether it be a casual landscape that requires minimal upkeep, an yard scape that is rich in fountains, lush greenery and secluded seating, or a modern approach such as xeriscaping (a landscape plan that requires minimal watering) or stark contrasts, our choices in landscaping given one a bit of a glimpse into one’s interests.

Like anything, landscaping has trends that come and go, but today’s modern landscaping designs are definitely unique from of the styles and landscapes of the past. Today’s homeowners are frequently inspired to create unique looks that not only reflect their interests but are also bringing in professional landscaping teams to create outdoor living spaces, complete with artwork and modern elements such as steel, water walls, concrete and custom stamped tiles designed to complement the house itself. And, like anything in design, there are some basic rules to consider in order to create that perfect modern landscape design. So, if considering this approach, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Choose neutral, natural colored materials like limestone, weathered steel, concrete and pea gravel, to allow the sleek lines of the architecture and the landscaping to shine.
  2. Use plants with a specific form or shape.
  3. Select a specific plant or color to be the star of the landscape and use it often to keep the theme evident.
  4. Use straight lines and obvious shapes as you plant gardens or create walkways or seating areas. David Wilson, a modern landscaping specialist suggests, breaking up long lines of shrubbery by adding a parterre or geometrically shaped bed at the end of them.
  5. Don’t be tempted to add trendy new colors as part of tile work or items of permanence. Rather include them as elements in planters, seat cushions, etc. so that you can easily change them out.
  6. Have tiles, walking stones, etc. cut into basic shapes such as squares or rectangles.
  7. Keep any furniture items simplistic and minimalistic. But this doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort.
  8. Use non-organic mulch as the color of the organic materials often detracts from the overall look.
  9. Think about spacing – having sections for the various elements with streamlined walkways –paved, wooden, etc. can give the yard a planned modern look.
  10. Remember- when in doubt, edit out! The modern landscape is all about minimalism. If it looks too busy, then it is time to remove a few things.

A modern landscape design is great way to make the most of your yard, while still showing off your personality and style. You will find many great ideas for modern landscaping with a basic web search or by browsing your local nursery.

Many websites provide additional information on the topic of modern landscape design. One such site worth visiting is

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