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10 Tips to Design an Energetic Office that Motivates Employees

Updated on July 24, 2016


Boosting employees' enthusiasm is important to improve their productivity. Only if your employees like to come to work everyday with a happy and refreshed mind, you will need to worry less about the betterment of your business. A colorful and lively office is much better than a boring and shabby workplace.

Colors do influence our mind a lot; each color has a different effect on our mind. For example, the color red increases the heart beat, whereas the color blue is soothing, which lowers the blood pressure and cools our mind. Each person gets influenced differently with different colors.

Some of the employers think that colors and fascinating designs in the office will distract the employees and divert their mind, and believe that it's better to keep the office designed in the same old style. But this is not true always, and more often the opposite happens actually. Colors bring in a new energy and power within the employees and help them work better with more enthusiasm. Giving the employees a better space that works with their passion point, will certainly motivate them all the more.

You can make your office more energetic and appealing by incorporating different colors and patterns or inspirational quotes at different places in the office, featuring the targets of the business. Later, you can go for awarding rewards to employees meeting the targets.

Everyone of us know how great it feels when we renovate our homes. Same goes with our workplace. When we renovate it, we feel a new zeal to work better.

Below are some tips to help employers create a better space for work at office:

Firstly, change your mind set

Mindset is a big thing when we think of changing something. If we continue thinking in the same old manner, we will never be able to change anything. Just delete the idea of a well framed professional workplace, which looks corporate and sensible. Gear up your creative mind and have stylish outlook. Beautiful, well decorated personalized spaces that take you way ahead and set your mind free, are the best places to work in.

Find out how a color resembles you

When you have already decided to color your office, you need to decide which color will suit the mood of your office environment. You need to choose a color that will enhance the mood and energy of your employees.

The vibrant colors will gear up your mood and inspire you. Whereas the light shaded pastel colors will calm you down and enhance your concentrating powers. You can also opt for monochrome colors if you are a minimalist.

Play with colors

Now the most important thing is how to contrast the colors. Color contrasting is a tough job but also quite interesting. The base may be white, aqua, pink, blonde timber and even black.

The prominent colors can be used for touch up or combining light with dark. For example, you can combine a white desk with some pink or aqua accessories. This will look really good and appealing.

Maintain an inspiration board

An inspiration board is very important for an office. It helps the whole team to concentrate at one place and work properly.

You can hang boards of motivational quotes and inspiring images at office. But these must be put in correct places so that people can see and get motivated when feeling down.

You must always make your employees feel and taste what does success feel like, so that they aspire to get it. You can hang cut outs from magazines, give some inspirational speech, and keep on inspiring your employees to keep them moving.

Inspiration Board

Get some texture

Adding some texture to your office is very important. Each season brings in a different mood. Set the best mood for your employees by bringing in some changes in your office.

For example, in the winter season you can use leather, linen and timber to give a warm feeling to your office. This gives a vibe of comfort in the cooler months.

Give Some Texture

Decorate the technological stuff

These days we are totally dependent on technologies. So, why not make them a bit more classy and flaunt them. This will certainly convey your style and class. You can make your tablet wear a soft leather cover and get your smart-phone a clear case, or even you can put in some vibrant colors into your laptop bag and grab attention.

Create visual appeal

Visual appeal is a key factor in an office. If your office doesn't look well decorated, people visiting your office and even your employees will lose interest to work there. Take a look at the desk of your employees – do they look dull and empty? If yes, then let them add something interesting to it. They can add photos, colors, snap shots and even some books they love to read.

To decorate the office, you can add beautiful paintings, flower vases and quotations. In this manner, you can increase the visual appeal of your office.

Give some life

Green resembles life and flowers resemble beauty. Add some greenery and flowers in your office. This will motivate the employees and help them work in a much better way. Natural things always have a good impact on the work place. Moreover, these stuffs are trendy these days.

Create something different

Surprises are always loved and welcomed. So, it's better to inject some good surprises in your office. Getting rid of the boring cubicles and getting some interesting ones will surely create some difference.

A cool working space arouses the creative instinct within the employees.

Do not exaggerate things

While it is necessary to have an inspiring and motivational workspace, it's also very important that you look into the fact that you don't overdo it. Putting anything and everything at one single place doesn't work at all. You need to understand the taste and feel of the place. Only then you will be able to decorate your office better.


So, if you want your employees to work better with rejuvenated energy, then replace your old work place with a customized workplace comprising Cubicles Irvine. These cubicles are a great combination of visual appeal, functionality and comfort.


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