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10 Types Of Lights - That You May Or May Not Know

Updated on May 27, 2015

Here's a Few New Lighting Technologies

EL Panels, EL meaning electroluminescent, are mainly used to light up signs or as backdrop light for art. An el panel is thin and flexible and generates very little heat. An el panel also takes a minimum amount of power for use and can operate even after being punctured. LED Lights also do not take much power consumption and do not get hot. LED lights have the highest projected life span and are replacing many traditional lights due to energy savings. LED Tube Lights are used to illuminate hard to see spaces. They are made to fit perfectly into those tight crevices that normally you wouldn't be able to put lights. LED Tube lights contain no toxic chemicals and are free from mercury making it a environmentally friendly light source. LED Spot Lights are very bright and are usually made to be used outdoors. They are perfect for lighting up a house and are even used as headlights in vehicles. LED Recessed Canned Lights are great for making a small room look bigger. They are a perfect way to light up a room without a giant light fixture and the light is designed to reflect more light back downwards.

Color Changing LED's are used in many different ways. You see them used for club lights, pools, hot tubs, traffic lights and many other things. You also see color changing LED lights alot during christmas time. EL Wire looks a lot like neon only it has the same flexibility and versatility as wire. An el wire is durable and weatherproof and uses a very low current draw. Laser Wire by Fibrance are used for everything from light shows to hair removal. Laser lights are perfect for entertainment because it produces a narrow beam that makes it easy to make patterns and images on walls.

LED Rope Lights and EL Wire

LED rope lights are becoming very popular. They are easy to use and are perfect for temporary our long term use. They don't take up much room and are easy to store. LED rope lights are used in many creative ways to accent stairways, porches, or ceilings and are a simple solution to under cabinet lighting.

El wire is a great way to set your clothing style apart from the rest. Due to it being thin and flexible it is really simple to add it to nearly any piece of clothing. It is easy to just glue or sew it on.

LED lights are popular everywhere but are seen a lot in bars, clubs and the dj world. This new technology in lighting has opened up opportunities to bring color and sparkle to just about anything!


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