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10 Ways To Sleep On The Sofa-Couch Sleepers

Updated on February 15, 2014

Your Going To Sleep On The Couch Mr! No problem!

Sleep on the couch! Has this ever happened to you? You could have been a victim of the "Loose Lip Syndrome" or just doing a sleep over. At any rate, sleeping on the couch doesn't have to be horrible. If your the husband or other person on the couch read on....

When you are in the position to get your much needed sleep on the sofa you must know some great survival tips. If you're in trouble sleeping on the sofa will allow your better half to calm down and rethink their decision when they see you so comfortable.

Whatever your situation, snoring, flirting, coming home late, a jerk or unfortunately displaced there are ways to be comfortable and have some quality rest.

10 Things You Need To Sleep Comfortably On The Couch

  1. 3 blankets
  2. 2 pillows
  3. vibrating back pillow
  4. videos
  5. music
  6. earplugs
  7. sleep mask
  8. shaving/grooming kit
  9. guilty pleasure snacks
  10. Comfortable Coach

Sleeping on the sofa doesn't have to be the worst thing that happens to you. Treat each experience as a micro vacation. You can spend that time listening to your great music, reading a good book or getting some good sleep.

The most important thing you must remember is planning your comfortable space in advance. Most likely you have slept on a couch before or sleeping on a couch now.

The pillows and other comfort items will assure you a comfortable sleep while avoiding back pain. FYI: A grooming kit is a great thing to have if your away from your own bathroom.

Using 3 blankets from the very beginning is very important. If you are in a residence that can be very cool in the winter months. The layers allow you more warmth when your under them and the more cushion when your on top.

You may not need them all at once but it better to have them when you do.

How To Choose The Most Comfortable Sofa To Sleep On

Choosing a comfortable coach is very important. Sleeping on the coach can happen to you or you may have a buddy who needs it. It is very important to have a quality built and comfortable coach for such occasions.

  • comfortable firmness
  • convertible couch
  • sofa bed
  • ottoman

A very soft coach can hurt your back. A real firm coach may also hurt your back and be less comfortable to sleep on. Test your coach for sleeping while in the store. Choosing a coach with a sofa bed (for quest) is the best bet for stretching out your body or at least get an ottoman that will allow you more space for your legs.

I've heard that Lazy Boy has a line called "Slumber-air"! Now that sounds magnificent, especially from a companies that's been around for over 20 years. I've also heard "Chester" has very comfortable sleeper sofa's with 8 way tied springs for no sagging. If you heard of any great sleeping sofa's please add them below and why you like them.

No body plans to sleep on the sofa but when you do make sure you understand the rules to being comfortable ahead of time. You now know how to make your sofa visit comfortable short and long term. You also know how to choose your sofa in advance in case of such occasion for you or someone else.


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