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10 Ways to Decorate Your Garden!

Updated on November 6, 2012

If you love gardening, obviously you would also like to decorate your garden space. You can easily beautify your landscape using simple ways. Here I suggest you 10 easy steps to spruce up your garden decor.

1) Highlight Your Walkway

Choose dark-colored gravel and spread on your walkway. Adding light-colored, circle- or square-shaped stepping stones to the gravel spread will enhance the look of your walkway. You can even put natural stones and mulch that complement your garden.

2) Enhance the Borders

If you have walkway made of natural stones or gravel, build a layered river rock stone border for that rustic appearance. For a more classic look, the garden can be bordered with red bricks.

3) Add Hanging Lanterns

Brighten up your garden by adding decorative hanging lanterns and votive holders. They add a touch of charm and elegance to your garden d├ęcor, while illuminating your landscape.

4) Put a Modern Fence

Instead of using normal wood rails, panels and boards for fencing, try to add log or bamboo rolls to the edges. It is an easy way to give your garden that unique and classic look.

5) Make the Entrance Attractive

Make an arch with flexible tree branches and place it on the entrance. You can even grow bougainvillea, rose, jasmine, trumpet, wisteria and black-eyed Susan vines on this arch to lend a bold appearance to your garden.

6) Opt for Bright-colored Flowers

Grow dark-colored flowers such as Spanish Lavender, Siberian Iris, Daylily, Purple Coneflower, Viola, Marigold, Dahlia, Zonal Geranium and more. They not only add a rich look, but also attract butterflies to your garden.

7) Add a Birdbath

If you want different species of birds to visit your garden, simply place an ornamental birdbath at the centre. By doing this, you can attract the birds and add elegance to your garden.

8) Enjoy the Evening at Your Garden

Add a table and chairs to your garden to spend the evenings with the company of your dear ones. What would be better than a cup of coffee with chill and fresh air? So try this one.

9) Make a Pond

Have a little pond built with rock or river stones at your garden and decorate it with tropical lilies and other shallow water plants. You can even keep ornamental fishes in your pond.

10) Grow Small Plants in Containers

Plant rose shrubs and crotons in decorated containers and place them anywhere in your garden. They are sure to add a rich look to your garden space.

Try out these ideas to make your garden look even more beautiful and attractive.


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