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10 basic steps to clean your kitchen

Updated on January 12, 2017

Make your own cleaning schedule

This will help you to organize the cleaning activities in the kitchen. You may divide the duties in a few days. It isn’t necessary to spend 1 or 2 hours each day. 10 minutes per day are really enough. On Monday you can clean the cooker, on Friday you can clean the floor etc.

Wash the dishes every day

This action can’t be done just once in the week. You have to do it every day no matter how many are they. Dirty dishes may be a suitable environment for bacterial growth.

Clean inside and outside

Sometimes it isn’t enough to wash only the interior of the fridge, the microwave and the oven. You have to wipe the outside, too. First the kitchen will look cleaner and inviting and then you will prevent the accumulation of dirt. And don’t forget the freezer because it may starts to smell bad.

Change the towels

Wash the towels every 2 or 3 days, because they are one of the most used stuff in the kitchen. They become wet very quickly and start to smell bad.

Wipe the baking and spice containers

They have to be perfectly clean because the products you hold there can become moldy. And some types of mold can be really dangerous and harmful for your health.

Clean under the appliances

You may not see the dirt but it is there. Take a long and thin stick and clean under the fridge, oven and kitchen cabinets. If you do this once a week the dirt won’t accumulate.

Wash the windows

The kitchen will become lighter and will look cleaner. Moreover, when you are cooking the grease stick easier to the misting windows.

Wipe all the cabinets

They can become really dirty and unpleasant. If they are wooden put a layer of wax. This will hold them cleaner longer.

Wipe the sink and the faucet

Use suitable detergent but remember, it should not be abrasive, because you could harm the surface. If you do this twice a week the sink and faucets will be shinier.

Clean the trash can

You have to clean it inside and outside. Don’t forget this is the most germ infested object in the kitchen. Wash it minimum once a week.


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