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10 Biggest Cleaning Mistakes

Updated on January 18, 2017

You don’t clean regularly

If you want your house to be sparkling from top to bottom, you have to clean not every day but more often. You can make cleaning schedule and involve the home family helping you.

You don’t use the right cleaner

Be careful when you buy cleaning products. They all have labels and there you can find information about their purpose. Don’t use cleaner for glass surfaces on the wooden table. You can damage the surfaces with the wrong product.

You use only unhealthy products

Try to avoid strong chemicals and use more natural ways to clean your house. On the one hand you protect your family’s health and on the other you defending the nature.

You don’t use gloves

Products today are made to protect your skin and health but that doesn’t mean they can’t harm you anyway. Don’t neglect the importance of rubber gloves and never use chemicals without them.

You use too much cleaning product

You are not satisfied from the result, so you apply too much cleaner on the surfaces. You think more is better but don’t put too much because you can damage the surfaces. Use as much product as it is recommended on the label.

You scrub the stains on the carpet

More you are scrubbing, more you raise the stain on the carpet. First try to absorb the liquid with sheet of paper, then use a special product to clean the stain. But don’t forget that you should nоt rub strongly because you can damage the carpet.

You don’t protect the furniture

It is recommended to cover furniture every time you clean the house. First, it is possible a unsuitable detergent to fall on them. When you are cleaning, the dust spread and falls right in the soft furnishings.

You clean the windows only in sunny days

You thing sunny days are perfect for washing windows but you are wrong. When it is sunny, it is more likely the cleaner to dry too quickly and probably stick to windows.

You clean the oven while it is cold

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to start cleaning the oven while it is hot, but at least you can warm it. It is easier to clean the grease with warm water and while the oven is warm too.

You miss some important points

It happens when you rush. You miss to clean behind appliances. You forget the corners, where mold can grow. And next time don’t forget to clean the dust from furniture because allergies are waiting for you.


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