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Easy Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Everday Waste

Updated on July 5, 2014
Nature made into a landfill
Nature made into a landfill


Garbage it stinks it smells it takes up space and lets be honest we all want it gone. The truth is that most of us don't think much about where it goes when it leaves our driveway. It goes to landfills huge wastelands of garbage. All that waste compounded together waiting to decompose and rot away. It's truly as disgusting as it sounds. Thankfully there are lots of ways we can change this. Not everything that goes in the trash can belongs in there. A lot of that stuff can be recycled reused or put into a compost. Learn these easy ways ways you can reduce your waste and help fight pollution.

Reduce reuse recycle
Reduce reuse recycle
Reused bathtub
Reused bathtub
Brand new looking used clothes not dumpster material
Brand new looking used clothes not dumpster material


The first thing you can do to cut down on your waste is by sorting out the things that can be reused.How to identify what can be reused. Ask yourself these questions.

  • Am I throwing this away because I no longer need it?
  • Am I throwing this away because it is worn or old?
  • Am I throwing this away because it is slightly damaged?
  • Am I throwing this away because it is outdated and it still works?

If you answered yes to any of those questions there is a good chance it can be reused!
Some typical items that can be used again are listed below.

  • Clothes
  • Old appliances
  • Cook ware
  • Accessories like purses
  • Shoes
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Decorations
  • Artwork
  • Decorative glass
  • Chargers
  • Cell phones
  • Electronics
  • Cars
  • Baby stuff

If you still want to get rid of your reusable stuff there are some great places that take donations. Many places will even pick this stuff up. Look up your local Thrift stores you would be surprised to see what kind of things they will accept. There are even places that accept building supplies and old cars as donations. Any of these places would be better than a land fill and most of your stuff either goes to those in need or sells at a pretty low price.

Some of these places are listed below in links

up-cycled plastic bottles for a hanging garden
up-cycled plastic bottles for a hanging garden
Up-cycled chair
Up-cycled chair
Up-cycled piano
Up-cycled piano


Re-purposing is when you take something old and give it a new purpose. An example would be taking an old leaky watering can and turning it into a flower pot. It now has a new purpose. This is another form of recycling. It is also called up-cycling. This is becoming a popular option and it can be loads of fun. If you really like crafts this just might be your new hobby. This is a great way to reduce the amount of waste you create. You can use these items in your garden, as furniture or even as jewelry.

Some common items that are re-purposed are

  • Pallet boards
  • Tires
  • Old Television sets
  • Shoes
  • Bath tubs
  • Musical Instruments
  • Anything you put in a your recycling bin
  • Old clothing

The options are virtually endless. Next time you are thinking about throwing something away ask yourself if you could use this to make something you have been needing. This will save you some cash while saving the environment.

Food waste
Food waste
Canned food donations
Canned food donations

Food waste.

There are a few different ways you can reduce food waste.


This is a great for your garden and the environment. You would be surprised how much trash can be reduced by using a compost pile. This is also a fun way to teach children about decomposition. In some compost piles you can even see the layers and how they are braking down. Adding worms will make this process go faster and even more fun.

Freezing and boiling

Another way to cut down on food waste is to boil down scraps into soup stalk and freeze it for future meals. This can be done with bones and veggies. This creates great flavors and they keep for a long time. I would not use this method with anything rotten that has gone bad only scraps that are still good that wont be used for anything else.

Pets and animals

Another way to reduce food waste is to pass it down. This is a great option for people who have pets. If you have chickens, cats, dogs and even some other kinds of animals this is a great option. I would try to stick to stuff like produce and stay away from things that are rotting those are definitely compost material. Table scraps or food that will go bad soon is perfect to share with your pets. They love these tasty treats and are healthier than most dry foods.


Donations are another great way to get rid of items you will never use. This option is for that can of condensed soy milk you will never use because you just found out you have a soy allergy. Or when you buy six cans of beets that were on sale just to find out no in your family will touch them. These are great donation items for families that don't have enough to eat.

A helpful video on recycling batteries


The biggest thing you can do other than adopting these habits and being aware of your waste is to share what you know. Tell your friends and family about what they can do. Teach your children to care for the earth. Do as much as you can and keep learning when you get the chance. Every eco friendly habit that you use and share makes a difference in keeping our planet clean and healthy.

Foam peanuts
Foam peanuts
Love planet earth
Love planet earth


This one seems like a no brainer but it is a very real way to reduce waste. When you sort out the glass, plastic and paper products from your garbage and put into a recycling bin and can be reused instead of taking up space in a landfill.

Proper disposal

Other things can be recycled to and if not recycled properly disposed of so it wont effect the environment. Some of these are listed below

  • Medicine pharmacies and some other facilities will take medication and dispose of it. If this stuff is thrown out into the regular garbage it can be absorbed into water and this is bad for everyone.
  • Foam packaging this stuff is bad news in landfills but many packaging companies will take the foam off your hands and use it again.
  • Light bulbs can be taken back to the hardware store to be recycled
  • Batteries can be taken back to some grocery stores.
  • Most metals can be taken to the scrap yard and they will actually give you cash for the metal you bring them.

This is a great video about garbage and landfills

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