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10 Home Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Updated on January 12, 2017

Do you have little furry friend?

I have a little theory. You can divide home pets in tree groups. Cats and dogs – they can make big troubles but you can teach them easier. Rabbits and parrots – they don’t learn so easy but they have their own places where you can leave them and avoid problems. Finally are the fishes – they don’t make troubles but you can have problems with their aquariums. No matter what pet you have, it is a blessing to have such a friend. It brings you joy and smiles. Of course having a pet has its risks. Here are 10 tips to make the home cleaning more effective when you have a pet.

Cleaner pets mean a cleaner house

You have to give a bath to your pet more often. If it is not recommended for your pet, you can clean its paws and parts that are dirty.

Removing pet hair

You will need really strong vacuum machine to remove all that fur. You can also use a special velcro brush or latex glove to wipe the fur from the surface. Other proven way is to wrap your hand with tape and collect the fur. It is very important to do it constantly.

Teach your pet where to go to the toilet

This is maybe the most important thing to do when you have a pet. While it is still a baby you have to learn it to go to the toilet only to a specified place. Because the stains are really difficult to remove.

Secure the area

Don’t leave your pet home alone. However, if the circumstances warrant it, try to pre-reduce the future damage. Leave your pet in a room with no fancy furniture or expensive objects. Protect the edges of the room that can be eaten.

Aquariums cleaning

When choosing to take fishes don’t think they are easy to keep. Cleaning the aquarium is one of the most difficult things to clean in your home. You have to remove not only the fishes but decorations, plants, the filter. Don’t forget to use only products that are made especially for tank cleaning.

Replace carpeting

It collect allergens. Maybe you find it cozy and beautiful, but all that rugs and carpets are just a hiding place for dust and allergens. If you want to prevent your family and have little furry friend at the same time, you have to break up with your carpets.

Don't allow pets on upholstered furniture

This will help you to escape from step 2. If they don’t have access to the furniture, there will be no stains and fur on it.

Clean more often

You have to double the cleaning activities. But it is not so bad, because the house will be cleaner and shinier every single day.

Cover the furniture

This is another way to escape step 2. Cover the furniture and wash the sheets once a week.

Robotic Vacuums Built for Pet Hair

Yes, this is really brilliant option. This machine goes after your pet, literally. It is fun to have them both – it is like a continuous chasing.


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