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10 Reasons to Rent Apartment alone

Updated on May 7, 2012

Apartment to Rent

I am writing this article because I have experienced shared accommodation for the last 8 months and have been considering whether to rent an apartment on my own for the last few weeks. Everybody is saying that sharing accommodation is a such great idea because you are cutting the cost of rent, bills and you can have a lot of fun, however they do not address the benefits gained with independence, the disputes when sharing and the properties available for single people.

In this article I just wanted to point out a few problems that I have encountered, some of the pluses and the options for apartments to rent alone. I don't want to be biased because I have also shared accommodation and had pleasant experiences but recently I have really missed having that personal space.

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Rent Apartment Alone

As you can see in the first photograph of this article, house mates come in all types of shapes and sizes, if you are like me and slightly introverted, you might not appreciate renting with a lager lout or excessively loud person. In the second picture just above this capsule you can see there is another type of extrovert who might be pleasant to live with, that is the decorative person who will make your home warm and comforting and I have experienced this before.

  • House rentals with people who are perhaps 'Good time Guys' may not be appropriate for you if you like to study or take your work home with you.
  • If you are academic minded and share with people who are more thrill seekers, they could become offended and this can make you feel uncomfortable, even if you have known them a long time beforehand it doesn't mean you will click when living together.
  • One or more house mates may be the 'bum' kind and like to laze around on the couch, you may dragged into this habit just to be sociable.

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Apartments & Hometowns to Rent

  • Sharing living space can become a problem when arguments are made about watching TV, leaving mess and disgusting habits in your presence.
  • Arguments can be started when other house mates leave their cleaning until last and forget to buy communal items such as washing up liquid, toilet rolls and wipes.
  • Pinching of food items such as eggs, sauce, crisps or bread is common since between 3 people it is more likely that one is this mentally inclined.

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Find your own Flat to Rent

  • Room-mates may agree to be quiet on nights you have work but once they have alcohol in them don't be surprised to be faced with a disco in the living room below you as I have experienced.
  • Arguments can be made for not paying rent if you pay by cash and don't get receipts.
  • It is not uncommon to find 1 bedroom flats with furniture included and at low prices such as £300-£350 a month, but you will need that extra £100 or so to pay for community charge, electric and water.
  • You can shop around to find a bargain location, you probably don't want to be above a shop on a busy town street. I have just found one near the city centre but not on top of it!

One other important thing I forgot to add was that housemates know all of your business and that means they can share unwanted secrets with that top date you bring home!

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