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10 Creative Recycling Ideas for Your Home

Updated on January 18, 2017

Wine bottles to colorful vases

First of all you have to remove completely the label. After that take a few sprays in different colors and paint the bottles. Bottles don’t need to be painted in one color. If you are very inspired you can draw little pictures on them, or do a pattern. After bottles dry up perfectly put flowers and your home will brightened by colors.

Wine corks

You really have to love wine because you need a lot of wine corks. It depends on what you want to do with them. For hot pot holder you will need over 25 wine corks arranged to a square. If you need a new corkboard for the kids you will need more than 100 wine corks. You can arrange them in whatever form you want. But try to do the board stable. Remember to use very strong glue to stick the corks up for each other.

Old magazines to origami

These beautiful paper figurines are very stylish addition to any home. There is so many books and internet sites where you can find instructions how to make everything from flowers to animals. Just attach thread and hang your home made origami. They will be really original decoration to your house.

Toilet paper rolls to cable storage

We all have this problem. When we put more than two electronic devices in one place, we gain a big tangle. After that it is really, really hard to separate them without scissors. I propose you to make a strong organization and collect some toilet paper rolls. It is very easy to turn them into cable storage. You have to put the rolls in a big box and every time after using some device you have to put its cable to a roll.

Old bowls and jars to pots

Some bowls are too old to cook in them. You can paint them in bright colors and use them like pots. Big jars can do the same. But don’t forget to seed only plants with little root system. Otherwise roots might break the jar.

Suitcase and furniture legs to a table

Use old suitcase but in good condition because you don’t want your table to break down one day. Also you will need 4 legs from other old furniture. Use iron clamps to fasten legs to the suitcase. It is very beautiful and old fashioned table for your house. Don’t forget it is not a real table so don’t put heavy objects on it.

Old books to vintage objects

This lovely technique that turns old objects into really beautiful home decoration is called decoupage. You need decorating paper, old books, magazines or paintings, strong glue and old articles. The traditional technique required 30-40 layers of paper to a dense and smooth result. You can use one or two layers but make sure they are very well stuck on. The result is really impressing and you can present it to you guests like your own piece of art.

Old jeans jacket to bag

To turn jeans jacket into bag you will need sewing machine. Just cut the jacket into the desired shape. Don’t forget that your bag needs front, back, bottom and handles. Just stitch the parts one to another. You can chose if your bag will have short, long handles or both at the same time. Sometimes it is very hard to find what you want in shops, so this is the way to make the perfect bag the way you imagined it.

Grater to earring holder

If you have rusty grater, don’t rush to throw it away. Paint it with spray and use it like a earring holder. It is very beautiful and helps you to find your earrings easier.

Egg carton to ring holder

The egg carton of dozen eggs will help you to keep your rings arranged. You can paint it with watercolor and sprinkle it with glitter. It is a very nice and helpful idea if you losing your rings very often. If you have more rings you can get egg carton for 24 eggs.

Fast & Easy Rice Paper Decoupage


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