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10 tips for interior design

Updated on March 3, 2014

The interiors of houses or apartments are spaces to manage with intelligence and good taste.

Inadequate lighting is one of the main and interior decorating mistakes you can make
in your home. When decorating your home, especially if you have in mind for sale
in the near future, you should take care about this mistakes.
There are a variety of mistakes committed by homeowners or novice decorators.
Check the top ten mistakesso you can avoid them by following some tips,
but know that the list is much longer.

1. Artificial flowers and plants.

Although artificial flowers and plants may resemble real, especially when you spend enough, you're likely to eventually forget them and gather dust. It is true that fresh flowers can be expensive, but worth it, usually colorful fresh fruits, dry materials like curly willow or bamboo stalks are a much better alternative.

2. Too many pillows.

Have you tried sitting on a couch where the cushions impede you to settle down? also, placing to many pillows in the bed will make you loose a considerable amount of time to take off, and place them again in the morning, Avoid excess. It's a better and smarter choice to use the money on something you want to see while sitting on the couch or bed.

3. to many decorations

Remember that less is more when decorating. The natural tendency is to add something or accumulate, so you can easily fall into overload. Check with this in mind: Have you ever made a drawing which you think is just perfect, but then you add just one more line, and with this it doesn't look like you wanted it to look like? well, it's the same with interior design. It is better to carry less decorations that makes greater impact in the different ambients of the house.

4. Fear to colors

Do not be afraid of color, try painting a wall a bold color and stay in that room ​​several times a day, for example in the dining room. It is important to see how the color changes with sunlight or room lights you use. If you don't like it you can always re-paint later, until you find the perfect color.

5. Ignoring your windows.

The window treatments not only complete a room, actually they are like jewelry for the same. Along with painting, covering the windows is as easy and quick to change to improve the look of a room.

6. Furniture Backwards

All furniture need not be lined up against the wall. The back of furniture can also be beautiful, and a sofa with a small table in the back is a great way to display a houseplant, a lamp or a collectible. Create a common space or a focal point for the room.

7. Sofa covered or chairs in plastic bags .

If you are concerned about the erosion of the fabric of your furniture, consider using a protective spray or put pillows and blankets. Remember to keep them stylish. Never cover your furniture with plastic.

8. Hanging artwork too high.

At the height of the eyes is the best location to hang anything on the wall framing. Look at the top of the door frames, if your pieces are large enough can reach the top of the door frames and down from there. A good rule when hanging a picture is ensuring that the lower edge is six inches (15 cm.) From the top of the couch.

9. Inadequate lighting.

Most people do not realize or appreciate the effect that lighting has on people. Different types of lighting help create moods at different times during the day. To understand what type of lighting is best for a room, it is important to take into account the function of the room. A kitchen needs major general lighting as well as lighting for specific tasks in certain sectors.

Probably want your living room and dining room reflecting a different state of mind for intimacy with a dimmer key (variable intensity) you can change the intensity of light and thus change the feeling of space. The ceiling lights are necessary in most rooms, but additional lighting, especially on walls or light fixtures can completely change the mood of a room.

10. Floating mats.

Never leave a carpet in the middle of a room, because the carpet will cut the size of the room. A carpet should always be connected with the furniture, the carpet serves as an "anchor" for the seating area in your family room, living room or dining area. At least the front of the cabinet should be on the rug.

There are many mistakes that are typically committed in the interior decoration of the home such as errors with the furniture, whether they are too large or too small for the room furniture. Avoid extremes , like having a living room too formal or too casual. Chairs balls and lava lamps were a fad , knowing that fashions are short lived and usually disappear over a period of time, you should judiciously choose which puts or leaves a room . It's okay to have fun with fashion, but be careful not to spend too much . Be ready for recycling when it is out of fashion.

Note decorate with the classic aspects that still retain the style, to guard the value of your money. Remember to light your home is something that creates atmosphere. Lighting is used from the moment we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep at night is something that can add beauty to your home.


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