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100 Best Home Decor Store Names

Updated on April 26, 2019
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Ansel loves to help others through what he has experienced. He believes every individual must pay it forward at some point in life.


In recent decades the home decor industry has witnessed a significant growth. The massive demand for unique home decor accessories has compelled many individuals to venture into the home decor business. While starting a home decor business with a small capital is relatively easy, the difficult bit is coming up with an appropriate name for your home decor setup. You need to be innovative with concepts and ideas to soar above your competition in this business.

Home Decor Names: Implement a Creative thought Process

The first thing you need to get right when you setup your home decor store is the name. A name is a starting point that establishes a link with customers. For your home decor store you need a name that is catchy and stands out. A thoughtful name always makes an impact with customers. A creative thought process helps immensely while coming up with a unique name for your store. A good name conveys a message while revealing your creative vision.


Create Curiosity with a Catchy Name

A home decor store with a creative name evokes curiosity among customers. When shoppers come across a store with a catchy name they get curious to know more and are likely to enter the store to take a look at the decor products on display. Decor stores with a thoughtful name are more likely to attract potential customers who are on the lookout for unique home decor products. A relatable name that brings out an aesthetic sense of charm is suited perfectly well for decor stores.

How To Come Up With a Name For Your Home Decor Store

A great way to come up with creative names for a decor business is by combining words from different genres and different eras during a brainstorming session. When you are clear about what you want to convey with a name the process of generating meaningful names becomes relatively easy. Avoid using an awkwardly long name as it creates complexities. Short names that highlight key elements of decor are apt for visual interpretation among customers. Once you shortlist names that seem apt for your home decor business, pick a name that is relatable, simple, and easy to remember.

Wish you the best with your Home decor business!

The lines below provide a diverse list of catchy names, creative names, unique names, thoughtful names and awesome names for home decor.


100 Best Home Decor Store Names

  1. Spanache
  2. Aesthetica
  3. Shizle Zen
  4. Themistic
  5. Woodenta
  6. Edge Modish
  7. Frilesta
  8. Depica
  9. Lucid Urbana
  10. Majestica
  11. Zep Lumini
  12. Skooya
  13. Nook Palette
  14. Creezonia
  15. Blendastic
  16. Frompa
  17. Abstract Tsunami
  18. Cheruwis
  19. Loopalgo
  20. Gonlotus

Catchy Home Decor Store Names

21. Reegora

22. Loomterior

23. Trendora

24. Decorzia

25. Artosphere

26. Spiffoda

27. Moshine

28. Cluella

29. Zionic

30. Mind Splash

31. Zonesta

32. Hipeltra

33. Blend Artilla

34. Gerzonia

35. Whizonic

36. Radianta

37. Ethoona

38. Spic Ethnic

39. Chicona

40. Mod Zomb

Creative Home Decor Store Names

41. Celestia

42. AxeEthic

43. Bloombaza

44. Lopexia

45. Fab Ethos

46. Zendora

47. Fergunki

48. Caprighes

49. Quompa

50. Swankella

51. Geoleth

52. Masconia

53. Azuna

54. Burmoga

55. Grindhayes

56. Zilliona

57. Mizhora

58. Bliss Iconica

59. Fashzoid

60. Ubersia

Unique Home Decor Store Names

61. Mabellzo

62. Clopargis

63. Radicly

64. Ledigo

65. Smizzle

66. Chirevra

67. Noomesta

68. Mod Epic

69. Wavesta

70. Cralight

71. Urbmor

72. Woopcag

73. Decorna

74. Kramortiz

75. Qoonesta

76. Fangnesia

77. Cheruton

78. Angerris

79. Fuzona

80. Shwizonia

Thoughtful Home Decor Store Names

81. Ogotor

82. Zillesta

83. Glitterma

84. Epicer

85. Doolyan

86. Lunastic

87. Henoopa

88. Iconia

89. Thudle

90. Stunortiz

91. Artoria

92. Ethnic Mystique

03. Chic Abode

94. Woodacious

95. Gomezoo

96. Marpus

97. Fluida

98. Cootha

99. Cacklezen

100. Radicooze

More Awesome Names for Your Home Decor Business

  • Gothcer
  • Eureeka
  • Angece
  • Onotin
  • Bregenta
  • Fostershu
  • Stylesta
  • Hadelia
  • Tatoria
  • Jadazz
  • Carniac
  • Walfia
  • Panaira
  • Hydrina
  • Swighoop
  • Crocodan
  • Zenzora
  • Snazilla Spell
  • Cagstillo
  • Pormane
  • Tolafia
  • Loom Zavine
  • Flamenda
  • Scopop
  • Tustink
  • DeviScoop
  • Blator
  • Leegatia
  • Hugia
  • Giganeg
  • Alvaganto
  • Breathalia
  • Skymizz
  • Racheek
  • Harmvis
  • Mashron
  • Erogyan
  • Azmaran
  • Caprision
  • Elfkram
  • Pribasta
  • Stromagic
  • Clafenga
  • Pelart
  • Grinjar
  • Drizzompa
  • Urbanoid
  • Caprizen
  • Sparkula
  • Woodrek

  • Pateroon
  • Olsovine
  • Zimercia
  • Styleopus
  • Cladore
  • Droocal
  • Reyesphes
  • Mythola
  • Shawphas
  • Caphelia
  • Saundergance
  • Lobstronsa
  • Porstensia
  • Watsonical
  • Ubersparkle
  • Shiveria
  • Chigaska
  • Flostine
  • Deviphim
  • Uperspunk
  • Wizz Cadore
  • Hirot
  • Aztecine
  • Skelesia
  • Coother
  • Fronel
  • Wilatra
  • Burkeg
  • Cheruboyd
  • Hargrin
  • Yollins
  • Bonster
  • Oscela
  • Mediphira
  • Thudhes
  • Dracahan
  • Hepdazzle
  • Gnotora
  • Foshimmer
  • Perryixie
  • Neonesta
  • Feroona
  • Gigantryan
  • Wardnic
  • Coyanka
  • Magrulia
  • Dotesta
  • Hawkinel
  • Spellniac
  • Cohuge

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