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50 tools every handyman needs

Updated on September 6, 2018

list of 50 tools you need now

These tools will help you be the handy-man you always knew you could be. If at all possible get Craftsman or similar tools. The best way to learn is watch a pro, or start small projects in your home now. You can save yourself thousands of dollars per year by learning how to take care of your home.

1. a cordless Drill

2. a solid Hammer

3. a dependable Level

4. your own Table Saw

5. a good quality Paint Brush

6. an extendable Paint roller

7. 5 Gallon bucket

8. philips head screwdriver

9. flat head screw driver

10. duct tape

11. miter saw

12. sandpaper

13. a pneumatic nail gun

14. protective glasses

15. air mask

16. wire cutters

17. industrial strength scissors

18. jigsaw

19. reciprocating saw

20. a strong tape measure

21. chalk line

22. straight edge

23. right angle

24. a good pencil

25. a hand saw for whenever the others don't work

26. a good tool belt to hold your stuff

27. wood putty

28. a strong chisel

29. a great router

30. a band saw will shave hours off a long job

31. an air compressor

32. all the air tools that go with an air compressor

33. a brad nailer

34. a trim nailer

35. gloves to protect your most valued asset- your hands

36. a coping saw

37. a truck or vehicle to haul all these tools

38. a good tool bag or box

39. a planer

40. a strong set of drill bits

41. a ladder

42. a stepstool

43. tarps and drop cloths

44. a good rag

45. a caulk gun

46. a putty knife

47. clamps to hold stuf together

48. wood glue

49. a phone to call the pros when you can't do it

50. money to pay the pros


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    • Knowledge>Power profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from USA

      Feel free to print the article

    • sharingknowledge profile image

      SHAR NOR 

      6 years ago from Miami, FL

      All the above tools? This is great and allow me to request you in advance to copy make some print out but after you give me the permission. Thank you.


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