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How to Make a Small Room More Spacious - 11 Ways to Decorate Your Small Room

Updated on January 12, 2015

Too many people are forced to live in a small house or apartment and put up with the constant shortage of living space. The reasons for this varies: some simply can not afford to purchase three-bedroom apartment with a large area, and someone does not have time to take care of a huge house and do not intend to spend the most of their free time. Finally, someone just does not like the huge half-empty room.

Deficiency of space makes the process of creating a beautiful interior a small challenge. Fortunately, a small room is very easy to make cozy, to create an atmosphere of peace in it and intimacy through a few simple innovations. For example, you can use dark, warm colors in the interior, well-organized lighting or just replace with new furniture made of soft, comfortable materials. However, in order to correctly use a small living space, such half-measures will not do good- For a small room to look really comfortable, you will have to think about the color scheme, and the placement of furniture and lighting scheme.

Get rid of the junk

For a small room there is nothing worse than a lot of the furniture and décor. Avoid as much unwanted things as possible - it is enough to place them where they simply will not be seen, for example, on shelves behind doors, under the table. Such a simple rearrangement will free up space in the room.

Free up space

If the furniture and home décor items obstruct the free space, a small room looks very close. Moving the furniture and free passage, you can make a small room visually more spacious. In addition, the right choice of furniture helps: for example, instead of a massive wide sofas you can choose a set of compact seats and instead of the big table coffee table of small size will be enough. Most massive furniture is better to place along the walls - the more free space on the floor, the room will look more spacious.

Use a soft, light colors.

While warm and dark shades create the room a cozy, intimate atmosphere, bright and cool colors create a feeling of spaciousness. It is best to visually expand the boundaries of rooms using soft shades of light like blue and light green.

Use a monochrome color scheme.

For the interior a small space is better to use a monochrome color scheme - shades of the base color in the wallpaper, cushion furniture, curtains. Bright colors or colored patterns visually narrow the boundaries of a small room.

Coordinate the color of the walls and furniture.

Contrasting with each color wallpaper and furniture tend to catch the eye and visually leave the room less free space. But if the color of the furniture matches the color of the walls, the room becomes visually more spacious - as furniture "merges" with the walls.

Think about lighting.

Any room will look bigger if good lighting - both artificial and natural. For a small room will not fit long, heavy drapes - it is better to limit light translucent curtains that will pass more daylight.

Use transparent materials.

The use of translucent material allows you to visually expand the boundaries of the room. For example, everything for a small bathroom is better to replace the curtain with thick opaque material transparent curtain. A coffee table in dark wood is better to replace with the table with top made of transparent glass or plastic.

Use reflective surfaces.

Any reflective surface always makes the room more spacious: visually expand the boundaries of the small room will help a large mirror in a frame on the wall or floor vertical mirror against the wall. Space and light are reflected, will create a sense of spaciousness.

Choose a massive furniture

Although it would seem, for a room with limited space it is best to buy small sized pieces of furniture, in fact, a large number of small items of furniture and décor is much better to replace with large and simple pieces of furniture and accessories. Because small décor items visually clutter the room, make it smaller - but massive furniture, taking into account the correct color in the room creates an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

Select a blank upholstery for furniture.

And the upholstery, and capes for furniture should be self-colored - from fabrics in a large square, striped, with a bright pattern should be abandoned in favor of neutral colors.

Use lighter fabrics.

Lightweight translucent fabric curtains easily pass the sunlight, so a well-lit room looks bigger. This fabric is suitable not only for the curtains but also for tablecloths, capes on furniture, covers for the bed. It is best to choose a neutral fabric plain colors or with a small floral or geometric patterns.


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    • profile image

      nancy lederhose 

      3 years ago

      Nice tips really apreciat it .Thanks and Thumbs up!

      Another way how you can save yourself from buying to much decoration is

      this : I have grown quite fond of it. I think it creates a good atmosphere

    • akhildev143 profile imageAUTHOR

      Akhil Dev 

      4 years ago from India

      Thanks peachpurple for your kind comment...

    • peachpurple profile image


      5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      wonderful hub with lots of tips worth to try out. My maid room is small, enough to fir in a single bed , a wardrobe and a desk with chair. With the tips you had mentioned, I could turn it into a guest room for a 3 star hotel. Maybe, I could rent it out too! Thanks and voted up


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