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12 Flirty, Fun, Sexy, Pretty Shower Curtains to Spice Up Your Bathroom

Updated on September 30, 2010

I think that the bathroom is a room in the home that should be a sanctuary. Many people create spa-like bathrooms where they can indulge in beauty treatments and relaxation. As for me, I prefer to have a fun and flirty bathroom. I like a bathroom that has cheeky décor and a bit of a sexy edge to it. Don't get me wrong; I don't want a bathroom that screams "bathhouse" or anything like that. I just want a bathroom that is feminine and pretty and makes me feel special when I'm in it. I think that the easiest way to change the feeling of a bathroom is to change your shower curtain since this tends to dominate the bathroom's design and set the tone of the room. There are lots of different sexy shower curtains out there including ones that are transparent, artistic and romantic. Below are one dozen of my favorite shower curtain designs.

1. Sin in Linen Kisses Shower Curtain

This picture is actually taken of my own bathroom. I was thrilled to find the Sin in Linen shower curtain which is a series of reddish pink lips on a white background. It's a somewhat transparent shower curtain which I like because it means that light can come in through the bathroom during the day but of course no one can see me in the bathroom if my window is closed and my curtains are drawn. I think the style is flirty and sexy without being "too sexy". I love it!

2. Sexy and Green Shower Curtain

This shower curtain has a great woman on it who I think looks totally sexy. It's also a rshower curtain that is made from recycled material. Being green is definitely sexy so this one is sexy on multiple fronts!

3. Hottie Shower Curtain

Speaking of sexy women, it's possible to get a shower curtain that has a hot woman printed right on to it. This may make you feel like you've got a sexy woman in the shower with you even if you're single. It's kind of frat boy but it's undeniable that it's got a hot edge to it.

4. Hot Male Shower Curtain

Let's not be sexist here. Frat boys aren't the only ones who might want to have a sexy person in their shower. Here we've got a shower curtain that's right for the ladies who want the silhouette of a hot guy hanging on their showers. There are actually quite a few shower curtain styles out there that feature nude or partially-nude men on them so apparently this is an item that is in-demand with the ladies.

5. The Playboy Shower Curtain

If there is one simple image that is totally non-pornographic but always suggests sex it is the image of the Playboy bunny. There are many different shower curtains out there which depcit this image but the most common ones are black on white (as seen here), white on black or pink on white.

6. Playboy Pinup Shower Curtain

This is another Playboy branded shower curtain but this one features the Playboy pinup girl instead of the Playboy bunny. This is a style that is more flirty than the basic Playboy bunny is. It's also a style that is more likely to appeal to women than to men. A lot of gals are fans of Playboy and this is the kind of shoewr curtain that might be exactly right for those women.

7. Paris Shower Curtain

If Playboy automatically evokes thoughts of sex, the city of Paris automatically hints at an ambience of romance. It's perhaps the most romantic city in the world and a lot of people fall in love with it upon first seeing it. You can see it every day in your own bathroom if you get a great shower curtain that's got the Paris skyline on it. If Paris is a city that says "love" to you then this can definitely add beauty to your bathroom.

8. Transparent Shower Curtain

I adore this shower curtain because it has just the right combination of naughty and nice. It's a transparent shower curtain which is great for the voyeur / exhibitionist side of anyone. However it's also a really pretty shower curtain that isn't so transparent as to show everything to someone who walks into the room while you shower. It's about mystery and suggestion but it's feminine instead of hard-edged. I love it!

9. Rose Shower Curtain

Roses are a symbol of romance so any shower curtain that has roses on it has the potential to bring romantic feelings to your bathroom. I happen to prefer vintage or Victorian styles myself with large reddish roses and old-fashioned air about them. Of course, this just depends on your own style preferences.

10. Artsy Shower Curtain

This is a limited edition art-printed shower curtain that was created by Lisa Yuskavage. It has a hint of that transparency in part of it which is flirty. The design itself is also pretty and flirty. If you're a fan of Japanese comic designs then this one would be of interest.

11. Marilyn Monroe Shower Curtain

What star better symbolizes sexiness than Marilyn Monroe? This shower curtain is simple and pretty. It shows off the star and is a great addition to the bathroom of anyone who is a fan of hers. It's not gaudy; it's just girly.

12. Poetry Shower Curtain

The sexiest thing in the world to some people is poetry. There are shower curtains based on those poetry refrigerator magnets that can be used to create poems day after day. I chose the Spanish one for this image because I think Spanish is a sexy language but of course it comes in English as well. I think that this is a great shower curtain if for no other reason that it encourages creativity while you're engaging in your daily routines.


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  • Laura Schneider profile image

    Laura Schneider 

    8 years ago from Minnesota, USA

    Great article! I always thought that shower curtains were an overlooked source of decoration in the last several years (and before that was the '70s--we won't go there).

    Thanks for renewing this important source of bathroom character in our minds: boring white and off-white and blue are NOT our only options, and shower curtains can be done right without being over-done. Cheers!

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    where do I buy the playboy one

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    "I think that the bathroom is a room in the home that should be a sanctuary. "

    I truly believe in that.


  • hospitalera profile image


    10 years ago

    It would have been nice if you would have been included a source where to buy said shower curtains! SY

  • fiona_33 profile image


    10 years ago from UK

    I usually hate shower curtains but these ones are really cool. Great hub Kathryn.

  • smjaegerr profile image


    10 years ago from Dallas, TX

    Loving the lips! So cute.

  • relica profile image


    10 years ago from California

    What a cute hub. I love the Marilyn Monroe curtain. Great graphic, and thanks for all of the great info.

  • scanzin profile image


    10 years ago from Not Spcified

    After I wrote this by pondering as I went along, I looked at the length of the material and realized how much there seemed to need to be figured out over something as seemingly unimportant as going to the restroom in groups. :) Exciting, I know, it isn't - but it was interesting to give it all some thought. :)

  • shareitt profile image


    10 years ago

    Love the originality!

  • WilfordSy profile image


    10 years ago from The Bahamas

    Good informative Hub. Those are some great shower curtains too. I think I'd love to have the hottie shower curtain. It looks really playful.

  • harrisdy profile image


    10 years ago from Texas

    really fun to know about this creative shower curtain designs...

  • garethp1 profile image


    10 years ago

    Great hub. I would prefer art based shower curtains, having a shower with Mona Lisa!

  • Nan Mynatt profile image

    Nan Mynatt 

    10 years ago from Illinois

    Good info, When you are single you can make your statement.Good decorating ideas.


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