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12 Volt DC Household Fans |12 Volt Table Lamps | Power Outage | Off-Grid | RV | Camping

Updated on July 22, 2012

Keep your cool and the lights on during summer power outages with DC household fans used by the Amish

12 Volt DC fans are one way the Amish cool their homes during the hot summer days. Those who live off the grid just can’t turn down the thermostat to cool off, thus they depend on other air moving devices.

One of the problems with most battery operated products is that they sound good in the ad, but when it arrives you soon find out that it’s a cheap import that will last just for a short time.

These battery powered fans are manufactured by the Amish, they do import many of the parts, but to their specifications as they build these fans for long term use just like a standard AC fan.

12 Volt DC fans have also become popular with non Amish for RVs campers and camping out in the wilderness.

Fans are generally used with a group 24 deep cycle marine battery. They draw around 4amps so the battery can be used for auxiliary lighting or powering a small inverter for a computer or TV.

Matched up appropriately to a solar panel and/or wind generator theoretically this battery could provide and endless source of power for the fan and auxiliary lighting.

This could mean a week without electricity in the middle of summer heat after a storm could be a bit more comfortable.

A couple of the most popular DC fans are the 20” Air Circulating fan model # 302. It has variable speed 20” blades and tilts to different angles making it perfect for a floor fan and model #402 is a 16” oscillating pedestal based floor fan.

The 402 has both variable fan and oscillating speeds. The pedestal base is on five casters for easy moving and the pedestal also doubles as a battery compartment for the group 24 battery. It can also be plugged in directly to a cigarette lighter plug.

Smaller 6” and 12” fans are also available for campers and RVs, and even one with a desk base with oscillation.

The 6” desk fan can last 56 hours at low speed and 40 hours on a fully charged battery, which is perfect for a work week at the office, leaving the weekend to recharge the battery.

Another handy 12 volt item used by the Amish is 12 volt battery powered table lamps. Amish handcrafted from oak or cherry these lamps look like an ordinary table lamp.

A battery compartment is built into the base to hold a 12 volt gel cell ATV/Motorcycle battery.

Using a LED bulb the table lamp will burn up to 32-37 hours continuously, thus using it just a few hours each night these lamps could last almost two weeks on a single charge.

The Amish are moving more away from oil and gas lights in favor of the safer and cooler battery operated lights.

Using solar panels they can recharge batteries during the day to have an endless source of lighting less dependent on oil or gas.

You can purchase 12 volt DC household fans, table lamps, as well as solar panels and other off grid products at Cottage Craft Works. Com.

Cottage Craft Works is an online back to basics sustainable living general store.


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    • mperrottet profile image

      Margaret Perrottet 5 years ago from Pennsauken, NJ

      Interesting that you should write about his just when I was wondering if there was such a thing. My husband and I camp in a 30 foot travel trailer, and just bought a generator so that we can dry camp. During the daytime we can run the generator so that we can get air conditioning, but during after 10 PM you have to shut the generator off (quiet hours). A fan like this would be perfect to have on a hot night. Voted Useful and Interesting.