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14 Fantastic Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

Updated on October 27, 2012

Hydrogen Peroxide has so many good uses that no household should be without it. The best part is that it is very inexpensive and readily available in your local drugstore. It is an effective cleaner, can improve your skin, disinfect items and even help heal infections. Hydrogen peroxide uses oxygen to kill germs, this process is called oxidation. Oxidation is nothing more than a controlled chemical burn process. All organisms are killed dead and what is left of the hydrogen peroxide is oxygen and water. If used property, it is extremely safe and better to use than harsh chemicals.

There are many formulations of hydrogen peroxide. This article is only talking about using the over-the-counter 3% solution available at the local drugstore. There are stronger formulas, ranging from 6% to 35% (and even higher) but they are much too strong. These stronger formulas should never be used in the ways discussed in this article. Hydrogen peroxide should never be taken internally (no swallowing, ever) because it can cause awful digestive issues. Hydrogen peroxide should never be put into eyes because it can burn, sting and in some cases, cause injury. So be careful that the liquid does not splash in your face.

Health and Beauty Tips:

1. Mouthwash: swish a tablespoon or so of 3% hydrogen peroxide with plain water for about a minute, spit it out and rinse with water. This will help whiten teeth and is very helpful if you suffer from gum disease. If you have a throat infection, gargle with the solution and then spit out and do a gargle rinse with plain water. Do not ever swallow hydrogen peroxide. If your mouth and gums start to feel sensitive, take a break from the mouthwash for a few days.

2. Disinfection: Dip your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide for 10 to 20 seconds and then rinse it off, this will help kill any bacteria that might be on your brush.

3. Clearer skin: If you suffer from acne and blackheads and are using benzoyl peroxide, try wetting a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and applying to troubled areas. In about a week you will notice it starts to dissolve the junk trapped in your pores, painlessly. Using benzoyl peroxide, in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide is very effective anti-acne medication. It is important to note that hydrogen peroxide on the skin may have a temporary lightening effect, this is only a temporary effect, it goes away quickly, but limit the soaked cotton ball to the areas that really need it.

4. Deodorant: If you have sensitive skin you can try filling a small dark colored opaque spray bottle with 3% hydrogen peroxide and spraying it under your arms and let it dry. Use a dark colored spray bottle because light deactivates hydrogen peroxide. Do not use transparent or translucent bottles to store hydrogen peroxide.

5. Athlete’s Foot (Fungus): fill half of a dark colored opaque spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and the other half with plain water. Spray your feet, toes and nails every day and let them dry.

6. Hair bleach: If you do not have color-treated hair and want quick, easy highlights add half of a dark colored spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and the other half with plain water. Spray it on wet or damp hair, let it air dry. This will lighten your hair gradually so you can inspect it once it is dry to see if you want another application. This process is best for only subtle lightening. Too many applications are drying, so use a good conditioner to moisturize your hair. If you want something more dramatic than subtle highlights, you are better off seeing a professional hairdresser.

7. Detox Bath: Once every other week, add 2 cups hydrogen peroxide to your bathtub, oxygen is transferred through your pores into your body, helping the body eliminate toxins. Limit the amount of hydrogen peroxide in the bath to two cups, no more. Adding more hydrogen peroxide does not make it a better bath, again use only 2 cups in a full bathtub.

Healthy Home Cleaning Tips:

1. Laundry: Instead of bleach to whiten your whites. Substitute a cup of hydrogen peroxide for bleach. As with bleach, do not use this on colored fabrics. Use diluted solution on fresh blood stains and rinse with soap and cold water.

2. Cleaning Surfaces: Fill a dark-colored opaque spray bottle with half hydrogen peroxide and half water, use this spray on sinks and other surfaces to clean. This same spray works well in the bathroom, use it to clean surfaces, tile and toilets. To clean grout, mix with baking soda and scrub out the stain. Hydrogen peroxide also kills mold, add it to the wash when you launder shower curtains. Remember to avoid painted surfaces and if you are not sure of a surface, test the spray in a hidden spot before cleaning the entire surface with this solution.

3. Dishwasher: Add about 2 ounces to your regular detergent and run the washer. It will help kill bacteria and mold that grows inside the machine.

4. Refrigerator: Use it full strength to clean the inside of your refrigerator walls, surfaces and drawers and wipe dry.

5. Disinfection: Fill dark colored spray opaque bottle with hydrogen peroxide and fill another spray bottle with white vinegar. Spray one and then quickly use the other spray on the same area (do not mix them in the same bottle). This combination kills just about everything, but the effect only lasts for a few seconds. Use this technique for disinfecting fruits and vegetables, cutting boards, sinks, counters and other surfaces that may harbor salmonella or other harmful bacteria.

6. Garden: Add one ounce hydrogen peroxide to eight ounces of water and spray on plants, the water is oxygen rich and your plants will grow thicker and greener.

7. Water Damage: Use hydrogen peroxide to clean mold, such as after water damage. Also use 1 cup hydrogen peroxide in a half gallon of water in your humidifiers to kill mold and bacteria.

So the next time you head into your local drugstore, do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. It is a natural, safe and chemical-free way to handle many issues in the home.


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