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14 Reasons to Choose a Manufactured Home

Updated on May 11, 2016

While there are many approaches to building a new home – be it a tiny home with only several hundred feet, or a palatial residence- and whether you choose a brick exterior or vinyl siding, there are only a few choices in the process used to build a home. You typically either choose a stick built home or opt for a manufactured home.

In years past, there have been those who felt that one type of approach was superior to the other, but it should be noted that the manufactured home industry has made numerous changes. So much so, that many long time builders are choosing to work with manufactured homes rather dealing with the many hassles such as materials being left in the elements, mistakenly ordered or miscalculations in product, and many other problems that are involved with building a house from the ground up.

For the potential home builder struggling to determine if a stick built home or a manufactured home is better, consider these advantages in opting for a factory built home.

  1. Built quicker --so less waiting to be in your home
  2. You can choose whether you want the factory to do all the finishing work, or do some of it yourself.
  3. Built out of better materials than a stick built house
  4. Because it is built in a factory and then shipped to the home site, the materials are not exposed to the elements
  5. They are not easily damaged, nor do you need to fear their coming apart as they are put together with nails, glue, staples, etc. and can withstand a lot "stress".
  6. Unlike a double-wide trailer a manufactured home will increase in value.
  7. They can be a small as 1,200 sq. ft. to quite large
  8. When looking at a home, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a manufactured home or stick built home.
  9. The factory built home is perfectly acceptable in the large majority of HOA neighborhoods.
  10. Manufactured homes now come with landscaped lawns and garages. Many are multi-story structures that have energy efficient heating and cooling systems and ENERGY STAR appliances.
  11. Factory built homes typically cost less, so you have more money to invest somewhere else.
  12. Modular homes are built to the same building codes used by conventional site-builders.
  13. Modular home construction is more environmentally friendly than its site-built counterpart. Engineered construction materials are utilized, and effective in-plant recycling is in place at most modular home manufacturing facilities.
  14. One of the problems today's site builders have is finding skilled subcontractors. Because modular homes are built in factories, the subcontractors are already there. Skilled craftspeople construct each home to exact specifications.

More than 17 million Americans now live in manufactured. If that many have discovered their benefits, then there must be something to make them practical. If you are on the wall about what type of home to build, why not talk to a local builder or home improvement professional. Chances are, they will have some insight as to what type of homes are more common in your area, and why. If you still have questions, give the pros at Carbide Construction a call.

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