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15 Most Expensive Luxury Toilets

Updated on December 24, 2010
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A toilet isn’t something that most of us would spend a lot of money on. The main thing that we’re concerned about is that it works properly. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some people in the world who pay a lot for their commodes. In fact, there are some pretty pricey toilets out there for those who are interested in adding some bells and whistles.

Take a look at 15 of the most expensive luxury toilets:

1. Hang Fung Gold Toilet, ~$5,000,000. This solid gold toilet was placed on display at the Hang Fung Gold Technology showroom in Hong Kong last year (2009). It was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive toilet in the world.

2. Moon River Art Park Toilet, $750,000. This toilet was built into the Moon River Art Park in Shanghai. It is inside of a manmade cave and is considered something of a park attraction. In fact, people line up for waits as long as two hours just to use this toilet when they visit they park. It cost approximately three quarters of a million dollars to create.

3. Swarovski Toilet, $75,000. If you want to make an item more expensive, all that you need to do is add a little bit of bling. A Jemal Wright toilet encrusted with Swarovski crystals is valued at approximately $75,000.

4. Dagobert Wooden Toilet Throne, $14,000+. This is a solid ash toilet that is built into a five foot tall wooden latrine. It’s a vintage item with a pull chain and an attendant bell, designed to be rung to call the servants to take care of your mess for you.

5. Waza Miyabi by TOTO, $6900. Toto is a well-known manufacturer of luxury toilets for expensive homes. This design is pricey especially because it is hand painted. However, it has a lot of additional nice features including an unusually comfortable seat height, an elongated design and a special flush system.

6. Neorest by TOTO, $6530. There are several different versions of this luxury toilet with the fanciest version being the Neorest 600. It comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust heated set temperature, the position and pressure of the spray washers and even a warm air dryer. It’s an eco-friendly toilet with energy-saving functions.

7. INAX USA Toilet, $5900. As you approach this toilet, it senses your presence and the lid lifts automatically for you. While you sit there, you can listen to the stereo, enjoy the comfort of a seat warmer and even experience a change in lighting options. Afterwards, you can use adjustable self-cleaning nozzles to hose off. A built-in air deodorizer makes sure that nobody else in the house has to know your business.

8. Purist Hatbox by Kohler, $4100. This toilet has a super minimalist design so it fits in even the smallest bathroom. That doesn’t mean that it’s a simple machine though. It has electronic soft-touch actuation, an elongated bowl design and cool tankless technology.

9. English Trellis Design by Kohler, $3700. What makes this toilet fancy is the cool English chintz pattern design that decorates both the tank and the bottom of the toilet. It looks like a hand-touched engraving and adds charm to any bathroom. The toilet is a comfort height toilet in a one-piece design that features quiet close technology and other small perks.

10. Starck C European Toilet Set by Duravit, $3000. This ceramic toilet is coated with a special surface finish that is designed to stay as clean as possible. Water immediately contracts into water droplets that then drip off, taking all types of deposits along with them. This means that there are fewer polluting deposits building up in the toilet (making it cleaner and healthier). Additional features include a dual flush mechanism and a quiet automatic closure system.

11. Neo-Metro Metro Urban Toilet, $2500. Do you want a cool toilet option for an urban home? Consider getting a stainless steel toilet. This one is a highly durable model designed for residential use. It has a push button, which is kind of a neat urban feature for a home toilet.

12. Sun-Mar Excel Non-Electric Self-Contained Composting Toilet, $1500. This is one of the most expensive green toilets on the market at the current time. People who are eco-minded and interested in living off of the grid may find it appealing. It converts waste into safe fertilizing soil for use in gardens using composting technology designed to be odorless. It’s 100% non-polluting, non-electric and uses no water so it’s about as green as you can get in terms of modern toilet technology.

13. Kohler C3, $1200. This is a good option for the slightly more frugal person who really wants a luxury toilet. It offers many of the same features as some of the more expensive luxury toilets including a warm water cleansing wand, a remote control and a night light.

14. Brondell S1000-EB Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat, $600 for seat only. Add this toilet seat to an existing toil and get a whole host of different fun functions. The seat is a gentle-closing, heated, ergonomic seat with a wireless remote control that provides warm air drying and deodorizer settings.

15. IntiMist, $450 for seat only. This is another option for purchasing a seat that adds function to your existing toilet. It turns your toilet into a bidet with a front and rear washing wands, warm water, a warm air blow dryer and a heated seat.


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  • KenWu profile image


    9 years ago from Malaysia

    This is a very interesting article. The first one mentioned is too extreme.

  • whitton profile image


    9 years ago

    Thank you for sharing. These luxury toilets are pretty unique.

  • SUSIE DUZY profile image


    9 years ago from Delray Beach, Florida

    I guest an extravigant toilet is the last think I would go overboard on.

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 

    9 years ago from London, UK

    Thank you for your information, which was an eye opener.

  • katrinasui profile image


    9 years ago

    This the best hub about most expensive luxury toilets. i enjoyed reading ur hub.

  • Russell-D profile image


    9 years ago from Southern Ca.

    From a friend who has utilized the facilities, Princess Margaret's Loo was actually built in the shape of a Throne. No you didn't kiss the ring, however though cold, the seat was comfy. Too bad PM didn't import a Japanese Neorest HEATED SEAT. My wife and I took turns using that in a Tokyo home. Her reaction, "Buy that for me". Then all we and PM would need would be the world's most innovative paper dispenser. Who know's, in the royal residence, that be the Butler's job. David Russell

  • BlissfulWriter profile image


    9 years ago

    Ha ha. I like the photo of the 24K gold one here

    with the sign that says "No Photo" (in three different languages). Plus another sign with the "no camera" pictogram and another sign with the "no camcorder" pictogram.

    Yet we see the photo on the web.

  • SteveoMc profile image


    9 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

    I need a new toilet, now I am checking my savings account. Hmmm? Might have to save for another year or two to make it work. LOL

  • DzyMsLizzy profile image

    Liz Elias 

    9 years ago from Oakley, CA

    Well, I never!.... LOL To think that an appliance designed to deal with the foulest of bodily functions would be made into works of art....

    (***smirks and shakes head***)

    Thanks for an entertaining read!

  • manhan profile image


    9 years ago from Hungary (Budapest)

    Thanks for sharing. That was a lovely compilation of toilets. You can add one more to your list. $40,000 The Regio Gold Toilet.


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