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2 Examples of Good Looking Mirrored Furniture

Updated on August 1, 2010

The other day I was chatting with a friend of mine about furniture. You see, my friend is thinking about redecorating her living room and she wants to do it in a sort of art deco way. We were talking about different kinds of furniture she could use to replace her old and worn down stuff. She’s had the same furniture since she graduated from college and now that she’s got a big shot executive position she wants to create a more refined atmosphere for whenever she feels like hosting dinner parties.

As the conversation went along she made mention of this website she had seen called Mirrored Furniture Gallery that had a bunch of information about various types of mirrored furniture products and how that furniture could be used to get the look she was going for. At first I was skeptical about trusting a website to teach me about furniture and I was never a fan or mirrored furniture because I was used to the tacky contemporary styles I grew up with in the 80’s.

After we went to see this website my mind changed a little bit and now I want to show all of you why it changed. Mirrored furniture isn’t tacky anymore because furniture designers have learned to use the mirror element with subtlety and get some pretty cool effects out of it. My friend eventually decorated her living room with a beautiful glass mirrored coffee table and I ended up purchasing a mirrored bedside table for my bedroom.

I would recommend mirrored furniture to anyone if they are looking to make a room look larger or add more light.

Mirrored Coffee Table:

The mirrored coffee table she ended up choosing is interesting because it can be broken up and turned into little accent cubes for her to use in other places of her house. To make the table she just puts four to six of these mirrored cubes together and it makes a beautiful rectangular table in the middle of her room.

Mirrored Bedside Table:

The mirrored bedside table I ended up going with was on sale at City Furniture. It has one drawer that can be slid open and shut and the side panels and top are all covered in mirrors. It looks fantastic when I turn my reading lamp on because it practically fills the entire room with reflected light.


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