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2 Drawer File Cabinet

Updated on August 25, 2010

Cleaning the inside of my 2 drawer file cabinet is no easy task. Weather a 2 drawer filing cabinet or a 4 drawer filing cabinet, it will definitely take you a little time to consider the best and most appropriate way to remove the drawers without causing any damage in the process.With a 2 drawer filing cabinet one needs to consider that 2 drawer filing cabinets as with any filing cabinets are made to hold fairly heavy loads in terms of hundreds of documents and files. Therefore filing cabinets are especially made for tolerating these types of stress loads, and can be a little tricky if you intend to remove them from their tracking slots. Filing cabinets are a far cry from your normal set of drawers as they are built to compensate for heavy loads and therefore are made differently from say a standard 2 drawer wood filing cabinet which is designed slightly differently.

For me personally, because i run a small home based business i tend to favor 2 drawer file cabinets which is more than adequate for my needs.When i searched online for a cabinet i didn't realize there are so many types to choose from, such as a 2 drawer oak file cabinet which caught my eye as well as my wallet. A 2 drawer lateral file cabinet that would have fitted nicely next to my work desk, even a 2 drawer vertical file cabinet which would have had no room as there is a lack of space for that type of unit in my little one bedroom spaced office. So I'm left with my good old trustee 2 drawer locking file cabinet which has pretty much been through the ropes but still serves it's purpose. I am thinking of purchasing a 2 drawer metal file cabinet in the near future as i hear they are better for security and prone to fires which is a plus. Anyway my wood file cabinet 2 drawer unit will do, it has nicks and scraps that need attention but as it has been through the family i think i may just refinish it.

About this Article

This article will touch on the best and safest way to remove these drawers without causing any damage or potential harm to yourself in the process. You may need to do this if you are moving your filing cabinet to another location in the house , if you are refinishing your cabinet or simply giving it a well needed spring clean.

Removing Files And Documents

Before attempting to move the cabinet itself, you will need to move all files and documents first and foremost. if you attempt to remove the drawer itself from the unit you may cause damage to the drawer, you must remember that the drawers are at their strongest when secured and housed within the unit. Once you take the drawers out with a full load of files and documents they become weak because they have no additional support from the unit and therefore are prone to damage fairly easily. So take all your files and documents out while the drawers are still in the unit this is the best policy.

Releasing The drawers

Once you have emptied the drawers you can then begin the process of taking them out which may sound simple but filing cabinet drawers are a little tricky to just pull out. With most cabinet drawers it's simply a matter of slightly lifting the drawer just as you are about to see the end of the drawer come out. For lite duty drawers there will be a catch that you will have to release the drawer from, this is attached to the tracking slot. Once you have released the drawer from the catch the drawer should pop straight out. If the drawer still refuses to come out then more than likely it has a locking mechanism which we will discuss in the next stage.

Locking Mechanism

If you pull the drawer out right to the end , you should see two small plastic or metallic release tabs on either side of the drawers on the tracks. These tabs will only be seen if the drawers are pulled out to as far as they  go. These tabs are there to prevent the drawers form sliding out involuntarily on their own. On other types of filing units these tabs can be released by simply pushing the tabs up or down. but the majority of filing cabinets the tabs can simply be pushed in wards to remove the drawers. Pull out the drawers while still holding the release tabs, once the drawer is successfully removed you may release the tabs and this will automatically put them back into their locking position.

Now You Know

So i bet you didn't know there was so much drama just for removing drawers! well there really isn't but in the case of filing cabinets, well that is another story.Another thing you may want to consider if you have a eye for color is choosing a unit that wiil suit it's surroundings like a 2 drawer file cabinet black in color to suit a darkened colored room , which ain't for me i would prefer a white 2 drawer file cabinet to spark up me room. What ever you choose this may be something to consider.So now you know how to remove a 2 drawer or 4 drawer filing cabinet, something else to ad to your kit of knowledge..

Ever Lost The keys To Your File Cabinet ?


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