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2 Inch ErgoSoft Latex Foam Mattress Topper Review

Updated on August 2, 2014

I purchased the queen-sized version of this topper in early 2013. After reading countless positive reviews on latex toppers, I felt this one would give me the best shot at fulfilling my needs. I have been plagued by years of back problems and (almost in desperation) decided to pull the trigger and make the $200+ dollar purchase.

The actual topper itself arrived on time ( in about five days) in a vacuum-wrapped package, and was shipped in an oversize box to presumably provide a means of returning it should it be deemed necessary. When popping the seal on the vacuum pack the topper it grows significantly. It is recommended that you allow several hours for the topper to "breathe" and expand so it is nice and flat on the bed. Many people have written about the chemically smell that it emits, but I did not find this to be much a problem at all.

The topper adds a good deal of softness to help with an overly firm mattress, but still provides quite a bit of support. You will want to get a mattress cover both to help hold this in place and protect it, and it also helps when changing the sheets on the bed. I've had no issues with it being too hot (as some have stated), as it breathes quite well.

As far as helping me with my back woes is concerned, I will say that it only somewhat helps. So many reviewers mentioned that the product helped the immensely, so I guess I was hoping for the same type of wonder-drug like cure, but I just have not found that to be the case.

All-in-all I gave this topper a solid four star rating for its comfort and breath-ability and feel you could do far worse than this product.

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