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2 Person Hot Tubs

Updated on February 20, 2015

2 Person Hot Tub Spas

2 person hot tubs are easy to set up and provide instant hydromassage in warm, bubbling water. It does not have to cost an arm and a leg to get a hot tub. Avoid costly installation and high operating costs with a 2 person portable spa.

110 Volt Hot Tubs

110 volt hot tubs are those that can just plug into a household outlet in North America. Being able to plug a hot tub into a wall outlet avoids costly electrical installation of a 230 volt power line, GFCI in a separate box and possible code requirements as well as an inspector to look over the electrical work.

With a 110v spa, the unit is placed on a level surface, filled with water and plugged into a standard power outlet using the provided GFCI power cord. A GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter is required for safety reasons, but instead of buying a separate GFCI, the GFCI is already included and attached to the special hot tub power cord. There is a test button on the GFCI so that this functionality can be tested regularly to assure safe operation of the spa.

There are a few other things to be aware of when setting up a 110 volt spa.

What Kind of Spa Do You Prefer?

Do you prefer a 110 volt spa or a 220 volt spa?

Do you prefer a 110 volt spa or a 220 volt spa?

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2 Person Hot Tub Spa 110v

2 Person Hot Tub Spa operates at 110v. Plug and play hot tub.

2 Person Spa Relaxing
2 Person Spa Relaxing

110 volt vs. 230 volt Hot Tub Setup

110 volt hot tub setup is simple. Just plug and play! Make sure the 110v outlet is dedicated to the use of the spa and does not have a fridge and washing machine hooked up to it. The typical amperage in a household available on a 110 volt circuit is 15 amps. Chances are the 2 person hot tub will draw 8-12 amps, so there is not a lot of room left on the rest of that particular household circuit to deliver power to other appliances.

A radio or other item that does not draw much power is fine on that line, but anything that draws a decent amount of power should be on a separate power line. For this reason, even though 110v hot tubs do not require an electrician, you may still need one to assure you have a dedicated line for the hot tub.

230 volt hot tubs in North America require running a separate cable from the main power box to the spa, usually via a separate shutoff switch in an outdoor box containing a GFCI. Inside the home, there are usually 2 breakers hooked up in the breaker box to add up to either 50 amps or 60 amps. Having such a setup allows for a much more powerful spa heater, as the heater is the component that draws the most power.

Having a 4kw heater or 5kw heater can really make a difference when the weather gets cold outside, or if the spa is used for an extended period of time. With the 230 volt setup, the spa can be set to heat even when the pumps are turned on. Many times when a pump is activated with a 110 v system, the heater will shut off as the combination of a pump on high speed and a heater may be too much for a regular household power line.

Still, there is nothing easier than having a power outlet available for the spa to plug into, and the fun can begin! On first filling, allow many hours for the hot tub to reach the set temperature. Depending on the size of the heater and the ambient temperature, this can take a whole day. But once the spa has reached temperature, it will maintain that temperature from then on until the spa is drained and refilled. This means the hot tub is always ready 24/7 without the need to pre-heat it.

2 Person Spas

A 2 person spa allows one or two people to stretch out with shoulders covered under water for a complete hot tub experience. Unlike a bathtub where the torso is exposed to the air, a deep hot tub can allow for complete relaxation with shoulders covered with warm, bubbly water. Also in a jacuzzi bathtub, it takes awhile for hot water to fill the tub, but in a 2 person hot tub, the hot water is ready when you are. Simply uncover the spa and climb in.

Bat tubs typically have small little jets, or even air jets that don't provide an adequate massage, or it is difficult to aim the massage at intended muscle groups. In a hot tub, there is more room and there are also some larger jets to help get the most benefit from a hydromassage.

Hydrotherapy allows for relief of tired and aching muscles. Whether you have slept wrong, have completed a rigorous sports activity or are just not as young as you used to be, the hot tub soak and massage will rejuvinate and relieve muscles - avoiding the need for constant pill-popping every time an ache appears.

Hydromassage also helps soothe the mind and allows for a better sleep.

6 person spa
6 person spa

What about a 4 Person or 6 Person Spa?

Large spas use more energy because they have to heat more water. If you are entertaining and need a large party spa, then the big spa is the way to go. Call the extra expense of owning and operating one an entertainment expense. It is true that some large spas allow for more room to move about and to try different massage seats, but they are also much more expensive than a 2 person spa.

The larger the spa and the more water volume it needs to heat, the more it is recommended to set up the spa as a 230 volt spa so that the heater can adequately heat the water.

Some 110 volt 2 person spas allow for a conversion, such as is possible with the QCA Spas Dream Star model. This means you can purchase the spa and try the 110 volt options which provides for 1kw worth of heating. For southern climates, this may be fine, or if the spa is not used over long periods of time. However, if the spa is having a hard time keeping up with the temperature demands such as during prolonged use or in freezing climates, then it can be converted to 230 volt operation by supplying a 230 volt electrical power line and modifying the unit. It will then provide 4kw worth of heating without the need to swap out any spa components.

One tip when buying a 110v hot tub for outdoor use is to upgrade to a hard cover, as the soft covers do not perform as well outdoors. Having a rigid spa cover is better for allowing rain to run off and they can be locked also when the spa is not in use.">

110 volt hot tub
110 volt hot tub

110 Volt Hot Tub Accessories

One of the most important accessories that can usually be ordered at the time of ordering a 110v hot tub is an ozonator.

The ozone generator (or ozonator) injects small amounts of O3 into the water which helps kill bacteria. This allows for less bromine or chlorine sanitizer to be used and provides fresh, pure water that will last longer between refills.

Most people change out their hot tub water every 3 months or so. With the smaller amount of water in a 2 person hot tub, this is not a problem.

To quickly drain the spa, either the gravity drain can be opened and hooked up to a hose for the water to run off, or a 110v sump pump can be placed in the spa and it will drain in minutes. Sump pumps or submersible pumps are available at many big box stores and retailers, or online.

Cover lifters are usually recommended for larger spas, but the cover on a 2 person spa is quite manageable. Spa fragrances can help elevate the senses and improve the hot tub experience. Other accessories include spa steps that make getting into and out of the hot tub easier. There are also additional soft weighted pillows that can be placed anywhere in the spa, as they are portable.

Be sure to have a spare replacement cartridge filter on hand and wash the included filter every week or two to provide for the best filtration of the water.

Spa chemicals are needed to maintain water quality. This typically is made up of a sanitizer (like bromine or chlorine) and pH balancers that increase or decrease pH levels as needed. Also water test strips help keep an eye on these factors so that they can be easily adjusted and the water can remain clean for use anytime.

No More Stress - Get a 2 Person Hot Tub!

Dream Star 2 Person Hot Tub
Dream Star 2 Person Hot Tub

Destress, unwind, relax and heal tired muscles. Waiting until $10,000 are saved in order to buy a hot tub is not necessary. For around $2,000, you can have a hot tub delivered and be using it the next day. Check out the Dream Star by QCA Spas at

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Looks like a really good idea - it is cold and rainy where I live today and would love a hot tub! =)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      nice lens for hot tubs fanatics

    • hottubspatips profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @Anime-e: thanks for your enthusiasm, you can relax in one of these and think up your next gaming strategy...really great for creativity

    • Anime-e profile image


      7 years ago

      Ive actually never seen one of these things before! they are completely awesome!

    • Anime-e profile image


      7 years ago

      Ive actually never seen one of these things before! they are completely awesome!


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