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2 way to make paper cards from buttons

Updated on March 29, 2016

Maybe you can not imagine just 3 easy steps with buttons and paper that you can complete a beautiful greeting card, eye-catching and meaningful. "Sleeves" and join us on what to do right!


Only with the buttons available at the dexterity of hands you can make a unique business card paper that is extremely simple.

Let's now preparing implementing it this way paper business card!

- Paper cards colors: pink, blue, brown, white.

- Decorate: ribbons, wool, rope, needles, color only.

- The sign in the style: text, foliage motifs, birds, potted plants ...

- Scissors, glue milk, adhesives, heavy duty double sided tape 0,3cm, crayons.

- Buttons pink, blue.

Young birds picture cards

First, you cut rectangle of white paper under the popular card format, used to mark paper bird in the legs, beak and tail. If you do not sign, the bird can draw on paper offline!

After drawing the bird is done, you put the buttons in the middle of bird beak and tail and then stitched up by just over offline! To make the eyes of birds, use only 1 black stitching round holes next to mine

Finally to complete a paper business card from this shirt button, add some more decorations for greeting card. You cut one sheet of paper shaped leaves make lovely bird's wing. Blue pen drawing grass at the foot of the bird for more lively card.

Making bird's wings and draw the grass on the cards for very lively

Flower Picture

First, to carry out a business card with buttons shaped paper plant pots, you first cut rectangular sheets, pots and 1 sample in a straight line from potted up. Continue, choose from two blue buttons, one large daisy, chrysanthemum smaller one to make trees.

You use the awl to mark the holes in the buttons on the paper.

This step, you floss thread the same color buttons pierced through round holes just on paper, thread needles remaining in the thread. Fixed 2 buttons sewn flowers on pots made.

Using a patterned stamp to print decorative foliage background edging around flower pots white cards. Cut the brown paper plate sized rectangle of white card edge 0,3cm larger background. White paper plates glued onto brown paper plate.

You cut green polka dot paper plate sized rectangular: white paper sheet plus 4cm edge. Continuing, cut brown ribbons, sewing pleated panels fixed on green polka dot paper.

Then you cut strips of paper printed with the words light brown on top (probably written). White and brown paste paper plate just above ribbons husband then paste paper plate printed with the phrase on top.

Prints and collage pot pot superimposed on white paper plates with glue on both sides shaped floating pots. Finally cut 1 brown paper plates, paper plates glued double and blue polka dots on top of that you have the lovely cards before.

You decorate the card and other details are completed

So with just a few simple steps are the same buttons, you can make a unique gift card 2 friends and relatives already! Paper greeting cards are just small but filled with meaning when you give someone self-employed. Before take away gifts, do not forget to record the greeting on cards offline!

Also from business card ideas handmade buttons from this, you absolutely can do other greeting cards with vivid shapes such as: greeting chick (the button you use 2 different sizes to do this only the head and body !) or buttons bouquet card is also very unique ...


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