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* Gnomes in your garden

Updated on June 19, 2016
Titia profile image

I love critter friendly gardens, old roses and trees. Sometimes even dangerous plants like the Giant Hogweed. My garden is a biotope.

Are there gnomes in your garden?

Little climbing gnome in a willow tree
Little climbing gnome in a willow tree | Source

Gnome figurines in your garden

Garden either love them or you hate them and this article is especially written for those who love to have some of those little gnomes in their garden.

I don't have gnomes in my garden, but that doesn't mean I hate them. It's more a practical reason, because my dogs would ruin them and my hubby isn't too fond of them.

Sometimes I wonder how it would be like, having gnomes secretly living in my garden and I'm showing you here how my garden would look like if they did. This is how your garden could look like too, though I think your garden looks a great deal neater than mine, because I'm just a lazy gardener. I like to give names to the unnamed, so I've given the gnomes I presented here, a name.

Copyright text and photos, if not mentioned otherwise: Titia Geertman

You either hate them or love them: gnomes in your garden

Do you have gnomes in your garden, house or balcony?

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Gnomes in the garden

This is how it really looks in my garden

tree tronks in my garden
tree tronks in my garden | Source

How much fun would it be when gnomes lived there

garden gnomes
garden gnomes | Source

Tree trunks in your Garden

I used to have a trunk garden and sometimes I still do when trunks are available.

I like to put them in the garden in stead of getting rid of them, because they provide a hiding/sleeping/eating place for many critters.

Trunk gardens are a joy for the gnomes, because they can live in a trunk, or they can hang their hammock there or just sit and ponder, like Sam, Joe and Peter are doing.

gnomes paul and lenny
gnomes paul and lenny | Source

Enjoying the quietness in the wood

Some gnomes just don't like to socialize a lot, they're just like people you know. Some of them just like the quietness of nature.

Actually they're a bit like me. I do like people, but most of the time I do like to retreat into the silence of my little farmhouse way out in the country.

Lenny is taking a nap and a frog is teasing him.

Lenny had done the groceries and that's a lot of work. Now he's so tired that he had to take a nap. Last time I did my groceries, it occurred to me that I had handled those groceries a lot of times before I had them all in their place at home. In our food stores one has to pack one's own stuff, so....

1. from the shop shelf into my shopping cart
2. from the shopping cart on the conveyor belt
3. from the conveyor belt back into my shopping cart
4. from my shopping cart in to my car
5. from my car into my house
6. from the boxes into the cubboards.

No wonder we get tired after grocery shopping.

Although it's late Autumn, the weather is still soft and rather warm. Did you notice that little frog that's teasing him a bit?

Isn't this the perfect place for throwing a Halloween party around the medlar tree?

the medlar tree in my garden
the medlar tree in my garden | Source

So I organized a Gnome Dress up Halloween Party

gnome dress up party
gnome dress up party | Source

The Gnome Halloween Party

Gnomes love to party so I had this idea to throw a Dress Up Party and Oh boy did they come up with fantastic original ideas.

We cleared the lawn and decorated the trees and we had so much fun that afternoon.

You even might get some ideas for your own dressing up parties, like Halloween. Wouldn't that be lovely? To dress up like a dressed up gnome?

On Amazon you can find:

  • the Creepy Halloween Zombie Gnome
  • the Halloween Horror Zombie Garden Gnome
  • the Singing Girl with black bird Gnome
  • Gnoschnit and Gnofun Biker Gnomes

and of course we organized a Gnome Swing for the kids.

Normally this was my cozy corner in the rose garden

My cozy corner in the rose garden
My cozy corner in the rose garden | Source

Wouldn't it be lovely if Phil and Juliettte could sit here for a while?

romantic gnomes
romantic gnomes | Source

Phil and Juliette found a quiet corner in the garden

Oh Yeah, Phil and Juliette had fallen in love and they sneaked away from the party to spend some time together on this romantic bench in the Rose Garden. Aren't they a cute couple?

My Birdie-Gnome Hotel

Sometimes gnomes stay overnight in our bird hotel
Sometimes gnomes stay overnight in our bird hotel | Source

A Gnome poem

A gnome who passed my door one day,
asked me if he was welcome to stay,
at least for one night this fellow said,
because he was tired and needed a bed.

I was so thrilled by his request
and told him I'd do my utterly best,
to make him a bed real cozy and warm
and that I'll install a bad cat alarm.

Gnomes you know are tiny and small
and cats just don't see the difference at all
between a gnome and a little bird,
at least that's what I've lately heard.

I made up a bed in our bird hotel,
put in some moss which felt quite well.
I lifted the fellow and put him inside,
he now was totally safe for the night.

Next morning he had an early rise,
the bed had been exactly his size.
He sat at the porch in dawning sun,
ate his breakfast and had great fun.

He said my hotel was the best he had,
many had turned him down, so sad.
He had no money, but cleaned each room,
made from twigs the most beautiful broom.

I hated it to see him leave that day
and told him he always has a place to stay.
"Thank you" he said and waved goodbye.
I believe in Gnomes and now you know why.

Gnomes are so cute

You can build your own gnome hotel

If you buy some of these lovely gnome houses, you can build your own hotel for the tiny little people.

You should do it, it's so much fun to know that they're around. And you know what?

Sometimes I get this feeling that there really are gnomes living in my garden, because I notice things in my garden, like the disappearance of the weed.

That must be them, saying thank you in their own way.

Gnomes like to live in in all kind of houses, even a pumpkin house would suit them well.

Do you still believe in Fairies and Gnomes?

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    • chi kung profile image

      chi kung 3 years ago

      I do believe in fairies but would not put any artificial ones in my garden

    • Rhonda Lytle profile image

      Rhonda Lytle 3 years ago from Deep in the heart of Dixie

      Love gnomes, fairies and all things magical. Very nice collection of desired gnomes you have here.

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 3 years ago from New Zealand

      Oh yes I like gnomes, but for sure the fairies are in my garden, I go to sleep every night dreaming about them, they sprinkle my garden with love, great dreamer I am.

      You have done a great job with this article, especially giving them names, love it. Thanks.

    • Raymond Eagar profile image

      Raymond Eagar 3 years ago

      When I was a child I believed in them but now that I am grown up I just can't see them .

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