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21 Mural ideas or how to make a mural

Updated on June 14, 2014

Do you think of ways how to beautify your walls without the same old wall treatments like painting them? Then, why not stick around and read this article through? All you'll get here are the best variants of murals for interior home design, which will create a masterpiece of a simple room.

Interested? Than read!

Why to make murals?

You don’t need to finish university of design to make a good mural idea or to pay somebody money to make a design for flat, you can do it yourself. It helps to reflect your creativity and your sense of art. There are plenty kinds of art, which you can use: graphic design, collage design, photography, photo editing and many others.

You need to feel like home in your flat, that’s why it is so important to change your room upon your tastes. Besides murals are creative, easy and cheap ways of home decorating. It makes your room unique and recognizable.

Easy rules of mural creation:

The same mural idea can beautify or spoil the room, depending on different characteristics you give to it. So there are several rules which will help you to beautify the room, but not to spoil it.

a) A good quality of picture and mural materials ;

b) To find harmony of colors, contrasts and lights;

c) Not to forget about Symmetry and balance between various elements;

d) To take into consideration right ratios and scale of pictures;

e) To make emphasis on the core message of the mural.

Try to use and remember these rules, because if you neglect them, It can cause some problems and spoil the whole work for the mural.

Mural software: which one to choose?

If you are an experienced designer with knowledge of Photoshop or CorelDraw, you will probably make and print your mural design idea with help of them. Besides there are few online, internet softwares for mural making. But there is also a variant for those who want to create a mural of good quality in an easy way. It is a RonyaSoft Poster Printer. The interface of this poster printing software is simple, even for those who are complete beginners in computer studies. At the same time the quality of murals, made by it is high and for sure competitive with any other mural making software programs.

21 interesting mural design ideas

Here you will be able to see 21 interesting mural ideas that can be useful for you and which maybe will help you to make a right mural choice:

1. Movie mural

2. Art mural

3. Mural for kids

4. Anime mural

5. Computer games mural

7. Movie stars mural

6. Space mural

8. Creative mural

9. Cute mural

10. Music mural

11. Animals mural

12. Funny mural

13. Friends mural

14. Urban style mural

15. Girls mural

16. Car mural

17. Fake furniture mural

18. Interesting mural

19. Flowers mural

20. Love mural

21. Mural of yourself

How to choose the best picture for mural and where to place it?

First question that comes in mind is how to make a mural which reflects your personal sense of style and also appeals to everyone you open your home to. So the problem is how to find a good picture for mural and how to choose the best place for it. The important thing is to find a mural that will fit the general view of the room and that will not be out of place.

It is also important to keep your furniture in mind because heavy furniture, like period pieces or ancient armoires can take away the atmosphere created by essentially decorative mural art placed on the walls.

Also, try to pick art for the walls that is in keeping with the rest of the décor theme for the room. For example for a French country themed room with light floral, lace edged or natural fiber fabrics and light-weight furniture, go with a peaceful country landscape design that will help tie in all the room décor elements with its innate simplicity reflected in the artwork.

There are many possibilities to choose different murals for different rooms. For example for the living, dining and bedroom walls, you can choose from wildlife to floral art.  Mural art by the masters - Van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt or Picasso are always in fashion and are great conversation starters anywhere they are placed.

How to print mural?

After printing all mural sheets on your printer there are still some work to do. First of all you need to look if you have all the necessary parts (paper sheets) for mural and to check if they are printed well. The next step you need to do is to crop the unnecessary margins. But be careful, because careless attitude to cropping can be vital. For example cutting too much or not enough can completely spoil the whole picture. Then you need to take a good glue or 2 sides adhesive tape and to glue up all the parts of mural. Don’t under evaluate the step of gluing mural, because if you glue badly, the paper sheets will not coincide well. You should use good glue or adhesive tape, because bad quality lead to the separation of papers which leads to a total destruction of mural. Feel free to download poster and mural printing software from

Price of mural printing

How much money do I need to make a mural? The price depends on your demands. Color printing will cost you two or three times more than cheap black and white mural printing. Also it’s important to take into consideration the material, ink and size of mural.

How to hang mural?

The next problem that appears after mural printing is how to hang it? There are many different variants of placing. It is possible to use glue or adhesive tape to stick mural directly to the wall, but you can also use some special staples for hanging. But in any case don’t forget to check if installation equipment is secure, because in case of falling down the mural can be seriously damaged.


Generally speaking there are plenty variants of using a mural prints in your interior home design. It gives you an opportunity to be creative and unique. Try to use one of these twenty-one mural ideas the next time you decorate your flat and I am sure you will not be disappointed. 

How to make mural on home printer without PhotoShop?


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