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3 Cheap Coffee Machines For Less than £100

Updated on June 7, 2015

The Jack Stonehouse coffee machine

Jack Stonehouse
Jack Stonehouse | Source

Jack Stonehouse

This Jack Stonehouse is an amazing coffee machine for less than £100. Its the kind of coffee machine that you could discover in your local bistro bar, as it has an advanced look and feel about it, and will without a doubt be at home in the coffee fan's home. It uses the business standard 15 bar pump pressure, and will make your espresso's much the same way as your most cherished Italian barista.

The coffee arm and filter has a solid and reliable feel to it, and you will undeniably have an extraordinary coffee drink after brewing. One of the best parts about this espresso machine is that as well as the ground coffee, you can also include an ESE espresso capsule too, as it will serve as a double espresso machine, thanks to its different filters. There is no temperature control on the machine, on the other hand you are guaranteed that it makes a hot measure of espresso every single time.

The milk steamer is easy to use if you require a latte or smooth espresso, and is easily rotatable around the side of the machine in the event that you have a larger than life mug, which let's be realistic, an large segment of espresso shoppers do. You can turn the dial on this coffee maker if you have to make 2 espresso's which is perfect for guests, or because you just want a second drink. The drip plate is smoothly taken out in case you have to fit your large cup in also, and will hold any of your coffee overspill. This is the kind of machine that will handle a ton of usage, and with its strong fitting arm, will give you the most flawlessly awesome espresso flavor possible.

Russell Hobbs Allure
Russell Hobbs Allure | Source

Russell Hobbs Allure

The Allure is an espresso machine that gives you the best beverage for your cash. It has a colossal 1.5 liter water tank, which it uses to make espresso drinks that are second to none. Its another extraordinary coffee machine that is less expensive than £100 and comes with a 15 bar pump to verify all that water is pumped through to give you the best of coffee flavor.

It is an attractive espresso machine and has all the components you require for a decent espresso or cappuccino. One thing that I did notice about it however is the plate on the top allows you to stack your coffee mugs basically as they do in a bistros and bars. This is an incredible machine if you require that better than average barista touch, and have little space in your kitchen

It's an espresso machine that warms up and once it's prepared, shows a light on the front when it's ready for for you to press the coffee on switch. It has different filters depending upon what size of an espresso that you require. If cappuccinos and lattes are your thing, then the steam froth arm will give you that capacity. The drip plate is also easy to uproot, and like most coffee machines you will get a little bit of overspill after you take your espresso out. If you're after one of the best branded names in coffee then you should definitely take a look at the Allure on Amazon, where it is available at the best cost.

DeLonghi EC155
DeLonghi EC155 | Source

DeLonghi EC155

The DeLonghi EC155 is a a low priced espresso maker machine that packs in the authority of a restaurant quality beverages machine into its petite size. It holds a 1 liter water tank limit, so there is adequate amounts of water to make espresso, or a cappuccino. There is a swivel milk frother that allows you to make your milk only the way you like it, for an amazing latte or a quality cappuccino. It incorporates an inbuilt 15 bar pump pressure.

There is an easy to clean drip plate that is effortlessly removable, and will get all the spills that you have. It likewise allows you to control the temperature to give you the sort of refreshment, that include hot, or genuinely really hot. It's a machine that allows you to incorporate innovation and your own style to your refreshments, something that is not found in coffee makers for less than £100, as they are essentially customized by the manufacturer.

This machine will happily brew 2 measures of espresso for you. It's prepared if you and your spouse or wife need to benefit your morning coffee together. It has a smart black and silver framework to it, and will look amazing in your kitchen as you hurl that old and eroded pot that you used to use for your drink in the skip.

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