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3 Easy Methods of Linen Closet Organization

Updated on December 8, 2011
Linen Closet Organization
Linen Closet Organization | Source

Any type of organization, including linen closet organization, is about making it easier to find the things you need. Because it is so easy to just stuff things in the linen closet and close the door on the mess, it needs some special attention and an organization method that is easy to follow. See if one of these methods works for you.

By Type
This is a good method if the way that you look for items is by what type of item it is. For example, if your natural tendency is to look for all of the towels on one shelf, this is likely the best type of organization method for you. When you organize this way, each shelf is devoted to a specific type of item. All of towels on one shelf, all of the bedding linens on another, all of the blankets on another, and so on. You may need to split up use for one shelf for small items like washcloths and hand towels.

By Room or Person
This method can work well if you have several people going into the linen closet to get towels or blankets. It is also good for people who look for items based on who it belongs to or the room it belongs to. With this type of linen closet organization, you organize each shelf by room or person. For example, all of the towels, sheets, and blankets for each child’s room go on one shelf. This technique can also help avoid family squabbles if there are always complaints that someone uses all of the towels or washcloths. It is also good if some members of your household use certain types of soaps or shampoos. This way those items can go on their shelf. Everyone is responsible for their own stuff and for putting their items on their shelf.

By Frequency of Use
With this method, the items you use most frequently are on the most easily accessible shelves. This is likely going to be things such as towels, washcloths, extra soaps, and extra shampoos. This works well if everyone in your home uses the same items. If people have favorites, you might want to try getting dividers for the shelves so each person has their own compartment on a shelf. Extra bedding will also be something that you’ll want to have fairly accessible. Things like extra blankets and pillows are likely used less so can be on shelves that are harder to get to. This technique of linen closet organization works well if you typically look for items you always need on one shelf.


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