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Where to Buy Polish Pottery Boleslawiec Online

Updated on July 13, 2011

THEAMERICANWRITER - Dec. 9, 2010 | 09:56 CST

BOLESLEAWIEC, Poland - Polish pottery originates out of Poland and some of the most finest from the city of Bolesleawiec. However, this type of pottery is popular not just in Poland, but worldwide. It is known for its durability and high quality among other things. Polish pottery is made with a variety of patterns, most of which are historical in nature and offering a taste of German style. But other patterns would entail the traditional kind, unique and floral ones.

Polish pottery is made by hand using a process like sponge-stamping or some sort of painting process. Sponge-stamping is simply taking a sponge, dabbing it in some colored-paint (one or many) and blotting it on an object. To get simple instructions on how to make a sponge stamp, you can do a Google search for 'how to make sponge stamps' and click on any links relevant to your search. Makers of Polish pottery use the sponge-stamping technique on some of their pottery items.

You can buy a variety of Polish pottery objects. It's not just limited to vases, plates, bowls and other dish and tableware. They actually are made into glasses, cookie jars, knick-knacks for the kitchen, lamps, and more. Some of the great things about Polish pottery involve how you can put these objects into a dishwasher and freezer without it losing its quality and durability. A lot of people use dishwashers and of course their freezers. Knowing that you can put these items in those places and it keep its awesomeness, is very valuable information. Additionally, you can even put them in a microwave oven, believe it or not, and it still retain greatness all because of the high-firing process it goes through and it is non-porous as well. These products make for a great addition to ones home and ideal as a gift to anyone.

You can go through a local store to buy pottery from Poland or you can go straight to the factories from which these items are made. And of course, if you are like me and don't live in Poland but want to buy Polish pottery, then you can buy these items online. The Internet makes it possible to shop for anything and everything under the sun, regardless where you live. A few websites that sell Polish pottery are and, and Of course, you can find many more sites online that sell Polish pottery, just do a search in Google for it. Additionally, Wal-mart sells Polish pottery, too for those who love Wal-mart. So you do have options where you can go to shop even if you don't live in the country of Poland.


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