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How to Easily Get Rid of Mice in Your Home

Updated on January 1, 2017
Oh my fingers!!!!!
Oh my fingers!!!!! | Source

You Have Mice! Traditional Ways to Get Rid of Mice.

So you've reached in the cabinet and pulled out your favorite cookies just to see an odd hole in the side that looks like something chewed through. Upon further investigation you find little tiny black pellets inside the same cabinet. You realize you have mice!

Now what? Well now you have to figure out if you want to use the average grocery store mouse remedies like:

  • Spring Loaded Mouse Traps - Because nothing says you are officially dealing with the situation like spending 15 minutes slamming your finger trying to get the mouse trap set, just for you to wake the next morning with the cheese gone and the spring not triggered!
  • Sticky Glue Pads - There is nothing like waking up in the morning to the squeaks of a desperate mouse trying to get off the glue pad. You then have to kill it yourself or be okay walking him out to the trash can and letting him die slowly.
  • Rat Poisoning - This might be a good option if you have no pets or children and don't mind wondering what the awful smell is in your house, later to realize it was a dead mouse under your fridge decomposing for 2 months.

Personally none of these options sound like good plans to me! I have actually tried all 3. Lets just say that none turned out very well, and I wasted enough time that my population of mice probably doubled!

On top of that I wasted money! Since I moved into a home already populated I needed the situation taken care of since none of these things were a quick fix. I turned to some more humane and natural products.

Mice Are Good For the Environment!

While mice may be a pest when they are in your home, when they are where they belong in the wild mice are an important part of our environment.

Yes, I know these are little nasty rodents we are talking about here. They serve many purposes though in this world which is why you should reconsider the kill method if possible.

So How Are You Suppose to Get Rid of Mice?

I know, I know I just cancelled out all of the most known options to get rid of mice who have found a new home in your house. Never fear better options are here! Forget everything you have ever been taught about getting rid of mice.

So what exactly are your options to get rid of mice? These are the 3 that I find best!

  • Mouse Cube - The mouse cube is a small rectangle device that sits on your counter. It has a door on one end that can be pushed open by the mouse. You put a bit of peanut butter on a cracker at the opposite end. The mouse smells the peanut butter, pushes the door open, goes in to get the bait, and the door closes behind it leaving the mouse stuck inside.

    When you realize you have caught a mouse you just take the cube outside, far away from your home, and release the mouse back into the wild. You never have to touch it, you don't have to kill it, you don't have to risk finding it dead weeks later, and it is super effective.

  • Peppermint Oil - What do mice hate almost as much as snakes? The smell of peppermint oil! Put some on cotton balls, q-tips, or small pieces of old fabric. Then place these items around areas where you think the mice are coming in, nesting, or eating.

    You can also place some in a cake pan, add a cup of vinegar, and a quart of water. Then slide the cake pan into the oven at 300 degrees. The smell will discourage mice from making a home in or near your oven, which is a mouses favorite place to get cozy most of the time. So this not only helps you get rid of mice, but it will also help remove the awful smell mice leave behind if they did nest around your oven.

  • Ultrasonic Beeping Pest Repeller - This is a device that plugs into your wall outlet. It emits a powerful high frequency electromagnetic wave which repels rodents and some insects from your home.

    This is not safe if you have hamsters, gerbils, or other rodents as pets in your home. It is a simple remedy which can help get rid of mice and discourage more from entering your home.

Put it All Together For the Most Effective Way to Get Rid of Mice

Using the combination of all 3 of these should take care of your problem very quickly. On top of doing this you should also do a bit of common sense maintenance also.

  • Look for and fill holes around the house.
  • Fill cracks around pipes under sinks.
  • Clean up food immediately after using.
  • Wipe your sink out at night to remove the water source for mice.
  • Clean mouse pellets up as soon as you see them.
  • Check for gaps under entrance doors.

Getting rid of any pest involves time and money. There are no overnight fixes. Even exterminators have to come out multiple times usually before getting control over the problem. So be patient, but stay vigilant! Even when you think you have figured out where they are coming in, keep looking every so often for other locations. Remember that mice can squish themselves down very small to squeeze through the smallest of openings. So if you really want to get rid of mice in your home you need to look for holes as small as your finger.

What has been your most effective way of dealing with mice?

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