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3 Home Styles in Fort Worth

Updated on February 11, 2016

Fort Worth, Texas is a great place to call home. Whether you are a young college student looking for a city that offers a great education, or a family that desires to settle down and establish roots, you will be delighted with all that this area has to offer. Fort Worth is truly an all-American city, with a bustling economy, loads of job opportunities, and plenty of affordable neighborhoods with diverse homes styles. In fact, many prospective residents are drawn to Fort Worth by this last fact alone. The low cost of housing paired with the great variety of home styles are excellent incentives to this generation of young families searching for a place to live. So, what exactly constitutes "variety" regarding home styles? Below, you will see 3 home styles you can expect to find in Fort Worth.

Ranch Style Homes

These types of homes are most popular in the Southwest region of the country, so it's no surprise that you will find many in Texas. Most on the market today are renovated, as these types of homes were highly popular during the 1950s and 60s. They were also traditionally constructed as actual homes on ranches, so you won't find many recently built styles for sale. However, with the popularity of home renovation and DIY projects, many of these vintage homes have been retrofitted with fabulous updates, and greatly appeal to today's modern family.

Colonial Style Homes

This kind of home is influenced by the styles that colonists brought to America from Europe during the 18th century. You will find several neighborhoods in Fort Worth with these kinds of homes in them. They are generally large with lots of windows and shutters. Many have spacious porches, and some even have columns. Because colonial style homes are typically quite big, this style is a great fit for a growing family.

Traditional Style Homes

Traditional style homes are often classic and simple in appearance. This is likely the most common style of home found in the Fort Worth area. Some have brick or stone embellishments, while others simply have regular siding. Either way, these homes are usually quite basic, but very inviting and pleasing to the eyes. A benefit to this style is that it generally sells easily because designers follow timeless design patterns verses overt trends, which in turn attracts all age groups of buyers. Another bonus is that typically traditional style homes are newly designed, so updates will likely be unnecessary.

Choosing the right home style is an important part of selecting a place to live. Fort Worth, Texas has so many things to offer, with diverse housing styles being one of the most essential aspects. The 3 styles mentioned above are what home buyers will most commonly see on the market in this area. Though the traditional style homes are most common and arguably most popular, colonial and ranch styles homes are equally as appealing and will just as effectively suit the needs of buyers looking to settle in the Fort Worth area.


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