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3 Popular Round Kitchen Table Sets

Updated on June 19, 2010

The process of shopping for furniture, particular tables and chairs, can be a tedious one. You have to get out of the house, put on decent clothes, and travel from store to store taking measurements, reading price tags, and listening to your spouse. If you don’t want to deal with all that it is a good idea to get a mental image of the table set you’re looking for in your mind before you even set a foot out the door.

Virtual shopping is always an easier way to go about things. As long as you know the dimensions of your available space and how much you are willing to spend you can scour through thousands of table and chair set designs without moving any muscles except for your fingers and wrists. But if you want to take things a step further why not just look at three of the more popular designs and pick one of those?

Less options always means faster decision making. If you are struggling to find the right round kitchen table sets for your home read up about these three and choose one of them.

Monaco Round Kitchen Table Set:

The Monaco round kitchen table set is a rather interesting type of pedestal table. It does away with the traditional four cornered leg design and replaces it with an umbrella like pedestal. The tabletop is some sort of stone, like a marble or granite, and the chairs are elegant and simple black leather. Variation on this style can be found with glass tabletops and many different types of chairs.

Pacifico Round Kitchen Table Set:

The Pacifico set is a sort of inverse of the Monaco. Instead of dark colors, the Pacifico opts for whites and beiges. The tabletop is made out of wood but the foundation is similar to the umbrella-like pedestal of the Monaco. The chairs are fashioned out of black metal and upholstered in white fabric.

Old Adirondack Blue Mountain Table Set:

The Old Adirondack Blue Mountain set is not your every day kitchen table set. This particular model is more on the patio/beach furniture side with the simple four-leg foundation and the oblong soap colored wooden tabletop. It comes with two chairs that look like little benches made out of the same wood. You can also find this style with Adirondack type chairs instead of benches. These sets are very rustic looking and are perfect for a country style vacation home.

Let’s hope that makes your decision a little bit easier; for more options you can always check out round kitchen table ideas.


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