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3 Unique Round Kitchen Tables

Updated on June 13, 2010

Furniture hasn’t changed much over the years. The problem is that furniture’s design is limited by its function. You can’t make a chair that is terribly uncomfortable to sit in just like you couldn’t make a table that didn’t stand up when you put something on it.

Even so, furniture designers have been toying with unique and interesting ways to create their furniture for decades. They have managed to implement different technologies and design elements into things like round kitchen tables so that the function remains intact but the aesthetic is jaw dropping.

One particular type of furniture that has gone through some radical invention over the past few years has got to be the kitchen table. Kitchen tables are designed for practical use but they need to look good as well. They can’t just be bare bones tables sitting in the middle of the kitchen because that would throw off the entire look and feel of the room. If you’re going for a unique look for your kitchen’s décor you should consider making use of some of these great round kitchen table ideas.

The Aquarium Round Kitchen Table

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to eat a meal with a school of fish this table is the one for you. It is a simple round glass pedestal table filled with water and fish. The pedestal that makes up the base of the table is gutted and filled with an aquarium scene as well as exotic tropical livestock. You can feed and replace the fish through a hole in the center of your table or it may be designed so that the whole top is removed when maintenance is needed. Most commonly found as coffee tables or end tables, but if you look around you will find companies that will make a custom round kitchen table to your specifications.

The Expanding Circle Kitchen Table

Adjustable size is always an important feature in a table but this one takes it to the next level. The expanding round kitchen table is a pedestal table whose tabletop is split into multiple segments. When you spin the top of the table the segments expand and from within the pedestal come more pieces to literally grow the table from within. These expanding round kitchen tables are becoming very popular in the yachting community. Since it seems that no matter how large the vessel is you could always use more room at times and who wants to take up valuable space storing table leaves.

The LED Display Tabletop

Some hip nightclubs have taken to outfitting their bar tops with LED displays that light up as customers lean on them and move their drinks about and now you can use the same technology at home in your kitchen. The LED tabletop is a glass tabletop that lights up where you touch it. When you set your plates down it will light them up and when you pick up your fork the light goes out.


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