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Special Mortgage Programs That May Save Your Home With 5 Important Steps

Updated on December 21, 2013

Special Mortgage Programs to Save Your Home

Losing your home? So many people are in danger of losing their homes in today's job market. It is a terrible situation to be in on your own and worse when you have a family to take care of. We have to look into every option before throwing in the towel.

With many people threatening foreclosure there are also many scams out to capitalize on others misfortune which makes extra stress for an already bad situation. There are so many so stressed out that they just give up and let the banks take their property. I urge you to try everything in your power before giving up.

You've worked hard for your home and just when it seems to late, it may be the perfect mortgage assistance program just for you out there. Saving your home with a mortgage assistance program doesn't seem possible when you have missed a few payments, part of your income and don't see how you can possibly make even one full mortgage payment.

Sometimes what we think is rational is very wrong. The banks actually don't want your home, they are in the business of making money. If their is a way for you to pay for your home and make the make more money believe me they will work something out. Of course you would have to be bringing in some sort of income.

5 Steps to Take To Save Your House

When you are missing payments you become panicky or paralyzed. When you have lost an income or become sick and fall behind you may be eligible for a new repayment plan to make the hard times easier. You don't have to lose your home. Your home is worth fighting for, but you have to know what.

  1. Don't sign over your home!
  2. Stop speaking to your lender, you don't know what to say and your putting yourself in unnecessary stress.
  3. Call a nonprofit mortgage assistance program that will not charge you for an consultation.
  4. Have nonprofit appoint you a mortgage advocate case worker to speak for you to your lenders. They are trained to access your situation and negotiate terms.

What Can Special Mortgage Programs Do For You?

  • Stop mortgage lenders from calling you.
  • Stop all mortgage payments for up-to 24 months if qualified.
  • Reduce your mortgage payment for even $500 a month.
  • Negotiate new affordable terms.
  • Save Your House!

Receiving this type of help will allow you to get your finances in order and teach you how to hang on to your property. When dealing with you lenders or private banker all they can see is what you can't afford. Never give in before you get all information.

Your mortgage caseworker knows how to talk to the people that own your mortgage which may be Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. In short get mortgage assistance and let your mortgage case worker save your house. This is business and shouldn't be pride related. Your home is worth being saved. Here are some special mortgage programs resources that can get you started.


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