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3 Popular Types of Round Kitchen Tables

Updated on June 7, 2010

To be a complete kitchen, one that supplies comfort food to the family and welcomes visitors in with an inviting aesthetic, one that is practical in design, functional, and pleasant, it must have a kitchen table and some chairs. The kitchen table provides extra counter space for cooking, extra seating area for on-lookers, and a casual eating experience for the whole family when the meal is finally complete.

If you are shopping around for a new kitchen table the first thing you should ask yourself is: do I want a round one or a square one? Most people prefer to use a round kitchen table simply because the squared design is more akin to formal dining room settings and the kitchen is no place for formality.

Round kitchen tables come in a variety of styles and offer various features. Here are three styles that are popular because they are both aesthetically pleasing and versatile.

Modern Round Kitchen Table:

Sleek designs with glossy finishes are what make round kitchen tables modern. The modern table usually comes in a darker shade to give off that dark and refined look and they go great with matching chairs or stools. Although not dark in color, stainless is another popular modern style. If stainless steel is not in your budget then you may opt for a faux stainless steel table.

You want to use the modern design if your kitchen is full of stainless steel counters and equipment. On the other hand, if your appliances are all stainless steel you may want to use your kitchen table to incorporate an accent color into your dining area. Either way, modern means minimalism and functionality.

Rustic Round Kitchen Table:

On the opposite end of the spectrum you have the rustic round kitchen table. Also known as country or cabin style these kitchen tables are traditionally made out of woods like knotty pine, maple, oak or hickory and finished with rich warm tones like browns and reds. They bring about a sense of being in a log cabin in the beautiful Adirondacks or the Rocky Mountain region. If you want a more rugged mountain lodge feel you may want choose a kitchen table that incorporates a distressed wood finish. If you are want a more modern sophisticated design look for a more transitional round kitchen table set.

Drop Leaf Round Kitchen Table:

The drop leaf round kitchen table design is usually made of wood and features the ability to shift its shape. This type of "shape shifting" table allows you to quickly adjust the number of people you can seat at your dinner table. By dropping the leaf on one or both sides you have a nice compact table for everyday use. When you are expecting guests you can raise one or both sides of a drop leaf table and in a snap you can multiple your seating capacity. If you are tight on space another noteworthy benefit of a drop leaf style table is that you don't need additional space to store removable table leaves. With a regular mid-section leaf table you will need to find an out of the way spot to store each table leaf when you are not using them.


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