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3 useful tips from the familiar ingredients in the kitchen

Updated on March 23, 2012

3 easy to find ingredients in the kitchen such as tea, lemon and salt are not only use to create delicious dishes or drinks, but also can be effects for other process in the kitchen.

1. Use Tea to clean refrigerator odors

If the refrigerator still smells bad after cleaning, wrap a handful of dried tea and put into the refrigerator compartment to suck the odor.However, the best way to avoid the smelly fridge is cover food well before put in the refrigerator.

2. Use lemon to clean the microwave

After you are done the cooking with the microwave, put a few slices of lemon into the bowl of water, put in the microwave and turn on cook for 3-5 minutes, then simply wipe the microwave. A fresh smell of lemon will make you feel like you never cooked the foods in the microwave before.

3. Use salt as "bleach"

Chopped apples change to brown color easily. To keep them look ‘fresh’, put chopped apples in the salt water dilution. Do the same for peeled avocado. In case of glass jars or glass bottles that were sticking dirty at the corner which you can’t easily to clean, use salt and add a tiny of water, then soaking up. Salt will clean the dirt clinging to the jars or bottles and make them look as clean as new.


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