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4 Good Ceramic Coated Frying Pans | Reviews, Picks & Health Information

Updated on March 17, 2015

A Few of the Best Pans & Skillets with Ceramic Coatings

Think you can't cook? Have you ever considered that it's not you, it's your toolkit?

I hear people say they are hopeless in the kitchen all the time. In most cases, they gave cooking a go, had a frustrating time, and never really gave it another shot. And what causes the most frustration when sautéing, frying, searing, etcetera? A bad pan!

Bad pans are everywhere. They have uneven heat, they're tough to clean, and they just aren't intuitive to use.

Non-stick is a no-brainer: why make life harder on yourself? In this category, I'm a huge fan of ceramic coatings, which have some advantages I'll get into in a bit. So what is the best ceramic coated frying pan anyway?

This piece is intended for the home chef who wants to up their culinary game. We'll look at a handful of good ceramic frying pans and skillets, detailing exactly what makes each one stand out. Before the reviews, I want to talk briefly about what sets ceramic apart as a coating.


Ceramic Coating Benefits: What's the Big Deal?

In the world of non-stick, ceramic is a newer technology. You're probably familiar with the other big name in town, Teflon.

Both technologies work really well for cooking and cleanup, but what makes ceramic worth consideration over the alternatives?

  • Healthier Option: There are some concerns that Teflon can be dangerous when heated to high temperatures. Though the tolerance is pretty high, the fumes created by a too-hot Teflon coated pan can damage your health. Furthermore, chips and pieces that are ingested can contain carcinogens. Ceramic doesn't have such concerns, nor does it give off trace metals like other metal cookware.
  • Corrosion and Chip Resistant: A good quality ceramic skillet or fry pan is resistant to damage and heat degradation, especially if you treat it right. You won't need to polish it like with stainless steel, and it will last for a long time with a gloss finish that looks great.
  • Pure Convenience: Most ceramic coated skillets and pans are dishwasher safe, and even if you wash by hand they're really easy to clean. There's seldom a need to soak it, and residue just sloughs right off.

GreenPan: Among the best ceramic fry pans, great reviews

GreenPan is a popular company that takes pride in what they make and how it functions. Their line of ceramic coated pans are at the top of my list due to their combination of durability, versatility, and good looks.

All of GreenPan's products can withstand high heat, so for those of you who prefer a hot pan, this is a great choice. They won't flake or chip as you'll see with cheaper, synthetic non-stick compounds, and they're carefully made to avoid cadmium and lead.

Most of the offerings come with a thick glass lid, and there are various styles depending on the type of food you'd like to cook and the amount of surface area you require.

The heat is even, as I'd expect with a pan at this price point, and they're all fairly light for their size and composition, which is nice. The non-stick is super effective, and you can sear even delicate foods really effectively. I love that lightly dimpled cook surface, it's ideal for heat distribution.

They're easy to clean and dishwasher safe, However, as with all cookware, these guys will come with instructions on how to keep your pans in great shape, and I'd recommend reading it closely to ensure they last a long time.

The GreenPan collection features many good ceramic frying pans and skillets, reviews well for many different styles of cooking, and cleans up easily. What's not to like?

Silverstone Ceramic: A good, non-stick frying pan with top culinary marks

Another company producing a great frying pan with ceramic coating is Silverstone. Their set of cookware looks fantastic and sears to perfection.

Like you'd expect with a quality ceramic fry pan like this, they are constructed without cadmium or lead contamination, and are PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene, essentially Teflon) free. This means you can crank the heat and not be concerned with fumes.

One thing I love about the Silverstone set are the bottoms. They're nicely dimpled, which allows you to cook more delicate foods (like a rockfish, for example) without having it fall to pieces under heat.

Another nice feature is the heat-safe handle, which has a rubberized coating on it to prevent accidental heat transfer. Despite this coating, the pans can take up to 350° Fahrenheit in the oven without issue.

Other notables: the sides are deeper than the average skillet, letting you work up sauces and reductions. One unfortunate thing is the lack of a lid.

They look fantastic, with a retro throwback chili colour and white ceramic interior. This set of ceramic fry pans is one of the best on the market.

Cuisinart: Solid frying pan with ceramic coating from good company

Cuisinart is a giant in the cookware realm, so it should come as no surprise that they've jumped upon the ceramic bandwagon. Fortunately, they've done it well, and their non-stick frying pan is worthy of this list.

The coating, like that of the others here, is PFOA-free, and has a classic white appearance that contrasts beautifully with the red. The pan is safe even at high temperatures (though I'd keep it lower), and the flat bottom is well suited to cooking a wide variety of things, from omelettes to chicken.

It heats pretty well, which is aided by its aluminum core which transfers the heat quickly across the cook surface. You don't need to crank the heat that high on this one... you might scorch your dinner if you do!

The exterior of the plan is coated in a textured paint which holds up well against dirt, grime, scuffs, scratches and heat. The whole thing has a surprisingly quality feel as cheap ceramic frying pans go. It comes with a nice lifetime warranty, which I appreciate seeing.

I would've appreciated seeing a glass lid, but at this price it can't be expected. It's not super deep, but there is a companion saucepan that comes equipped with a lid, I'd pick that one up too if you tend to cook messier things.

All-in-all, I'm impressed by Cuisinart's offering, it's one of the top ceramic coated frying pans at this price point.

Chantal: One of the best ceramic coated frying pans, perfect heat

You might get a bit of 'sticker shock' at the price here, but I wanted to include a higher quality frying pan with ceramic coating.

(And trust me, when it comes to cookware there are plenty more expensive than this!)

The Chantal stands out from its competitors due to its amazing construction. Copper conducts heat much more easily than iron or steel. The manufacturer, knowing this, decided to infuse the whole pan with copper to improve heat transfer. It worked!

The body also contains titanium to increase the strength and rigidity (and avoid heat warpage.)

This perfectly even heat is a perfect combo with the PFOA-free ceramic coating, meaning you can get that pan hot without fume concerns.

It's ergonomic in your hand, and it has a dripless rim designed to allow you to drain it without mucking up the exterior. What's more, it can go in the oven to temperatures of up to 500° F.

It's a high end pan with a larger price tag, but it's one of those pieces you'll find yourself reaching for all the time. And that's great, because it can cook just about anything!

If you want to release your inner chef, consider this top quality ceramic frying pan and read its rave reviews.

Caring for your Fry Pan

There will be a bit of an adjustment with your new pan, as it works differently from what you're accustomed to. Each pan has care instructions that I'd follow closely, but here are some general guidelines.

Don't smack it with utensils! That ceramic coating is rugged, but not indestructible. Metal utensils, in particular, can chip the surface if you're too rough. I'd suggest using silicone coated spatulas, they work great.

Don't use cooking sprays like Pam! (This goes for other pans too, for the record). Residue remains, and it ruins your coating over time. Use clarified butter or whatever type of oil the instructions recommend. Trust in your ceramic coating, it'll do its job.

Thanks for reading! I hope you find the cookware of your dreams.

Frying pans with ceramic coatings: thoughts, questions, concerns?

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