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4 Countries Best for Migrants

Updated on April 16, 2018

Are you ready to migrate to a different country now? If you are, do you have an idea which country is best to migrate? If you don't, worry no more cause that is what I am going to discuss below.

Disclosed next are countries best for migrants.

Denmark | Source


Top of the list is Denmark.

Reasons are as follows:

Life quality in Denmark is excellent.

Its welfare system is fantastic. Danes government provides top-notch child care, elderly care, health care, and education to its citizens or residents.

Personal safety in Denmark is second to none.

This country gives special importance to two core values. They are equality and democracy.

On the workplace, policies and rules are equally applied to both men and women. Women are as important as men in the leadership roles. Racism is not allowed there.

Denmark’s atmosphere is very democratic. Power is normally decentralized on the workplace. Danish people also enjoy freedom of speech. They are able to express freely, be it at home, in the office, or in the meeting.

Danes are able to live public life and private life satisfactorily. Full time job in Denmark requires only 37 hours a week.

Sweden | Source


Second of the list is Sweden.

Reasons are as follows:

It's known for ice Hockey. Relaxed and comfortable lifestyle is what Swedes focus on. Swedes prioritized spending quality time with family and friends and spending less in stressful activities.

Swedish benefits are one of the greatest in the entire universe. Amazing benefits that the Swedish government provides to its citizens and workers are as well given to foreigners or nonnative.

Paid parental leave in Sweden is unmatched. The number of days that Swedish parents are able to leave with pay is 480 days.

Its healthcare is semi-free. Its education, on the other hand, is almost free to everyone. All European citizens are able to access Swedish schools and universities with no payment. Only non-European citizens are charged.

Its internet, including mobile internet, is reasonably priced and fast.

Norway | Source


Third of the list is Norway.

Reasons are as follows:

Life quality in Norway is exceptional. It is an expensive country to live. It is, however, being off-set with job security. Additionally, Norwegian workers normally receive high salary. Norwegian workers definitely love it.

Norwegians give importance the most to family, green living, and outdoors. They usually hike in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Its education is up to the mark. That explains why many International students want to study there. In addition to its good education, Norwegian public universities do not charge tuition fees both to foreign and native students. Tuition fees in public universities are shouldered by the government of Norway.

Healthcare in Norway is exceptionally good. All hospitals are funded by the public. Sixteen years old and below and pregnant women are going to receive medical treatment for free.

Paid parental leave in Norway is great. Norwegian parents are able to get up to 12 months paid leave for 49 weeks at one hundred percent salary or 59 weeks at eighty percent salary.

Finland | Source


Fourth of the list is Finland.

Reasons are as follows:

Life quality in Finland is first-rate. It is considered one of the happiest countries in the whole universe. This country is also family friendly, business friendly and environmentally friendly.

Finnish enjoys green living and outdoors.

Gender equality is strongly emphasized in Finland, particularly on the work place. Paid parental leave in Finland are numerous. Paid parental leave for women can be up to 4 months while paid parental leave for men can be up to 9 weeks.

Finland’s education is free. Finnish students do not pay for bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree. They'll get it at no cost.

Healthcare in Finland is up to standard. Local governments are able to provide healthcare to their residents fully and satisfactorily. Citizens or residents are offered with universal healthcare by the government of Finland.

Mentioned above are countries that can offer migrants with up to par kind of life. I’m sure that you’re ready and excited to migrate to any one of those countries.

Now, can you tell me which country you are headed to? Is it Denmark, Sweden, Norway, or Finland? It would be great if you can share it now!

Which country is your least favorite?

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