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4 Double Glazing Window Care Tips

Updated on April 12, 2013

Though double glazed windows could add appeal and charm for your home and make it energy-efficient at the same time, in the long run, you will experience a few complications. Keep reading to find out what these complications are and how you can remedy them.

Adding double glazing as replacement for your current windows will offer you amazing benefits for your household in addition to it being an ideal way to make your home look fantastic. Energy efficiency and improved home value are just some of the advantages homeowners get for using new double glazing. As with most things, double glazing also suffers from wear and tear throughout its lifetime.

This article puts together an extensive list of the most frequent problems people get with their double glazed windows. While most occur as a result of misuse and wrong installation, these can be prevented to save your investment in the long run. These 4 things are what you should keep your eye out on:

1. Condensed windows

Moisture content, errors in installation and non-working fittings are some of the causes of moisture build-up or condensation in double glazing Be wary of fractures in your double glazing or fittings no longer working properly as this may cause condensation.

Excessive differences in humidity can cause window condensation. In case your house is a lot hotter than the temperature outside, it can cause water droplets to form. Adjust the humidity level by ensuring that moist air inside your home flows out.

2. Non-functioning locks and busted handles

Busted handles on your double glazed windows can make it tough for you to properly operate your windows. Also, having dysfunctional locks may increase risks of illegal entries and break-ins. The minute you start to feel something different about the efficiency of your windows’ grips and locks, have them replaced immediately to help keep your home secured and safe.

3. Cracked window panes

Damaged window panes don’t happen on its own. Usually, they happen as a result of an external element applied to it. It might have been hit by a ball or by something else entirely. Once you find cracks in your window, take action to have them immediately replaced, otherwise you will suffer more negative effects. So be certain you get them replaced quickly to avoid condensation and security problems from happening.

4. Stuck hinges

Jammed hinges on your window? Windows are simple home machines that also need up keeping. Have the hinges of your windows coated with lube frequently or on a routine to help keep your windows working perfectly. You won’t have a problem opening or closing your windows at all.

A pleasant and safe home starts once your double glazed windows are in good order so you should always be aware of the key areas to take care of. Handling these 4 standard double glazing issues shouldn’t be a real issue anymore.


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