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4 Great Ways to Get Rid of Mold

Updated on February 21, 2013

Mold is a silent enemy that can be growing and thriving within parts of your home without you ever even knowing about it. Certain molds can be extremely dangerous to people, and exposure to some can even be fatal over time. For these reasons, keeping track of whether or not there are molds in your house is a very important thing to do. In this article, several different mold removers that homeowners can use to combat the spread of molds in their house will be introduced and discussed briefly for the benefit and safety of people everywhere.

• Vinegar Mold Removal:

One of the best and most people friendly methods of combating mold in the home is to use a well-known non-toxic product found in many homes today; white distilled vinegar. This white distilled vinegar is a kind of moderate acid that is capable of destroying around 80% of known mold species. All you must do to perform this technique is put some of your vinegar into a spraying bottle and then spray down all of the molds in your home and then wait for about an hour. After the hour is up, simply wipe the areas dry and then repeat this process over the next few days. Of all the mold removers covered in this article, using white distilled vinegar is probably the cheapest and safest option.

• Hydrogen Peroxide Mold Removal:

Hydrogen Peroxide is known for eradicating molds, but it also kills bacteria, and viruses as well. Along with these benefits, hydrogen peroxide is comparable to bleach in its effectiveness against molds, but it is considerably safer in terms of not releasing any toxic fumes and being much better on the environment than bleach. A bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide is only about one dollar at most retailers, making this one of the cheapest mold removers covered in this article. Simply pour some of your 3% hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle, and apply it to the molds in your home. After a few repetitions of this process, the mold will be dead and gone.

• Tea Tree Oil Mold Removal:

Perhaps the most environmentally friendly option for mold removers is to use tea tree oil. While not at all the most inexpensive method (your average small bottle of tea tree oil retails for about 10.00 USD), tea tree oil is completely harmless to humans and pets as well, making it a very safe option for you and a very deadly one for molds. Tea tree oil has anti-fungal properties to it, and so it is perfect for eradicating household molds. Like many other mold removers, this one is applied by mixing it into a solution and spraying it onto the moldy areas in your home. Repeated over a few days, this method will destroy the dangerous molds in your home with relative ease.

• Baking Soda Mold Removal:

Using baking soda may take a bit more work than some of the other mold removers, but it is a very inexpensive option since many homeowners already have some baking soda in their house. Not only will baking soda kill the molds in your home, but it will also deodorize and absorb excess moisture everywhere it is applied. Simply create a baking soda and water solution, and spray it onto the molds in your home. At this point, you should use a scrubbing brush to forcefully remove the molds from a given surface. After scrubbing away the molds in your home, simply rinse the area(s) with water, and then spray them once more with the baking soda solution to keep the molds from coming back.


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    • CyberShelley profile image

      Shelley Watson 4 years ago

      Great Advice, thank you for the tips. Up, interesting and useful!

    • CraftyMcClever profile image

      Cecelia Kramer 4 years ago from Everywhere but mostly Cali

      Great suggestion I am going to try this thanks.