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4 Signs You Need to Repair Your Sewer and Water

Updated on May 22, 2014

If your home is more than 40 years old, then chances are your plumbing system needs to be updated because the pipes used at that time have since been discovered to be faulty and potentially harmful to your health. If you aren’t certain of the age of your home or business’ water and sewer system, then talking to a professional is highly recommended. In the interim, however, there are several things you can watch for, to determine if your sewer and water system needs to be

Signs You Need to Repair Your Sewer Lines

Corroded plumbing: Older homes and buildings are more likely to have problems due to corroding and cracking pipes. It is recommended that one hire a plumbing professional to replace the old pipes and bring everything up to code.

Cracked pipes: Tree roots can be the nemesis of your sewer system –especially if your home’s landscaping was put in place more than 20 years ago! Tree roots will invade the pipes and wreak havoc with your sewer lines—especially during cold weather! This tree root invasion can result in a major problem and pricey repair. If you are not certain about how close is too close to your home’s sewer system, a professional landscaper, plumber or even your city ordinance crew can help you find this out.

Old home: Homes built more than 40 years ago are more prone to needing the sewer lines replaced. However, even new homes can have cracked pipes due to old pipes being connected to new ones. To scope out the status of your plumbing system, have a plumbing technician check out and maintain your plumbing and sewer system. They have special tools that will allow them to check the status of the pipes without needing to dig a single hole in your yard.

Toilet backing up: Should you hear strange, sputtering sounds from your toilet or if your sewer line is broken or blocked, call a plumber and have them come check out the system. This is not a repair that you want to just “wait and see what happens next.” However, if it is just your shower that backs up, there may only be minor issue such as an isolated clog- you can try using a plunger first, to see if that helps move things along. If it doesn’t a call to the plumber is a wise choice.

Your home’s water and sewer system is one of the key aspects of having a comfortable, functional home. It is not an issue to be ignored when trouble occurs. If you suspect a plumbing issue in your home, contact a professional plumber sooner not later. You will be glad you did.

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